How to AMPtize your WordPress site

Earlier in this post, I introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). There AMP technology and its features discussed. Current post aims at implementation of AMP for WordPress platform via plugins in easy steps for non-programmers and those who do not have experience in web designing. One of biggest advantages of using … Continue Reading →

How to write mathematical equations in WordPress

One of the WordPress drawbacks is lack of default support of math formulas. Fortunately, there are few plugins available to facilitate adding LaTeX style equations. Among them, WP QuickLaTeX and Jetpack by plugins seem to work the best. Simply just install one of them and add your equation in … Continue Reading →

Displaying WordPress post content in multiple columns

Two approaches are available to display WordPress posts contents in multi-column, something like this. The first approach is to use a WordPress plugin called Column Shortcodes. It is very good plugin with high flexibilty and ease of use particularly for those who do not have much context about web designing … Continue Reading →

How to host your website on Openshift

Openshift is quite amazing and I strongly can say, it is much better than its competitor such as Google App Engine or Heroku in providing services. With Openshift you not only able to do your testing and deploy your applications, but also you can host your website there very easily. … Continue Reading →

Removing header search box in Simple Catch theme

Simple Catch theme is used in my WordPress blog for three years and I am quite happy with that. It is very handy and easy to maintain, beside I don’t change and manipulate the theme and look of the blog often. When I setup my blog for the first time, … Continue Reading →

Few WordPress migration hints

Finally last week I have decided to migrate the blog to a better server. Actually, I had the idea long time ago but was sort of busy and also afraid of things go wrong. Anyhow, last Saturday simple blog migration started but for some unknown reason I was unable to … Continue Reading →

How to add iFrame to WordPress sidebar

It has been said that a good engineer can create something useful with the tools given to him, although, I do not consider myself even an half engineer but I managed to do something fun. Anyway, let’s back to the story. Few days ago I have decided to add a … Continue Reading →

How do I write my blog posts?

In order to write posts for my blog recently I have switched to Google docs. It is quite powerful and easy to write and publish in WordPress. Before that I have tried LibreOffice and Microsoft office with Wine emulator on Linux but both of them when I paste text that … Continue Reading →

Introducing some useful WordPress plugins necessary for every website

Few days ago I was working on designing a new fancy WordPress website which contained many pictures. While I was designing the website, I searched for some plugins on the internet for the website in order to make more beautiful and modern. At the end I come up with the … Continue Reading →

Recover WordPress website when it is redirected to your host homepage

Two days ago when I wanted to check my blog, I found that my blog was redirected automatically to the host homepage. At first, I considered about being hacked or some malicious manipulation from outside to my website. Firstly, I tried to scan the entire content of the website with … Continue Reading →

How to add Google search to your website

As you know has customized Google search which means that Google search algorithm is used for searching posts/keywords in the website. Google search is much more efficient in comparison with the default WordPress search. In this post I demonstrate about how to add customized Google search bar to your … Continue Reading →

WordPress sourcecode tag

If you manage your website/weblog with WordPress and frequently use code in your posts, you can easily show your code in especial format nicely with using Syntax Highlighter plugin. This plugin provides its own built in tags which you can utilize them in your posts. In order, to represent code … Continue Reading →