Nostalgia! Installing Fedora Core 4 on VirtualBox

For nostalgically purposes I decided to install Fedora Core 4 on VirtualBox. I had many sweet memories with Redhat and Fedora families back in 2003 when first I exposed to Linux world and after I gave a try on Mandrake 9, can see a post related to Manrake here. Redhat … Continue Reading →

Installing TinyCore Linux on VirtualBox

I really don’t know how to start this post except saying Linux is awesome. Recently, Linux turned to 25, thanks Linus and RMS for all your efforts on Linux and GNU projects. Anyway, let’s get down to business. Allow me to introduce you to TinyCore, a minimalist Linux with only … Continue Reading →

Installing Virtualbox guest additions on Debian Jessie

I have a light version pure console Debian Jessie running on my Virtualbox which has no gui and it is completely terminal. Few days ago, I wanted to enable share folder capability for it but faced some problems and after spending quite sometimes I had found the solution, so I … Continue Reading →

The best Linux distribution for VirtualBox

It has been a while that I have to use Linux in VirtualBox because my new laptop doesn’t support Linux and all of my attempts to install Linux on it failed which is quite disappointing. However, the most disappointing thing that I faced was the lack of a good Linux … Continue Reading →

Install Ubuntu 14.04.2 properly as guest OS in VirtualBox

This post starts with few complains. First don’t buy Dell laptop at all no matter what is the specification and how cheap it is, you can read more about my complaint in this post. Secondly, Ubuntu did a great job with version LTS 14.04, however it makes life tremendously difficult … Continue Reading →

How to install FreeBSD 9.0 on VirtualBox

ABSTRACT The article expresses about installing FreeBSD version 9.0 as a virtual machine on ViirtualBox application. In the first part of tutorial you will familiar about installation procedure of FreeBSD. The next step is about configuration and installation “VirtualBox Guest Addition” package on FreeBSD. Finally, the last section talks about … Continue Reading →

How to install Oracle Virtualbox with USB support in Linux

Most of Linux distros have open source version of Virtualbox in their repository which used to be called Virtualbox OSE (Open Source Edition). For instance, Virtualbox OSE packages are available by default in Debian and Ubuntu. Open source version is good enough for installing various guest operating systems but it … Continue Reading →

Few Debian 7 tweaks on VirtualBox

Few days ago I have finally decided to give a try to Debian 7 on VirtualBox after I downloaded it long time ago. After installation procedure I faced with few issues which I could managed to solve them with a bit searching and work. Here I summarized the issues with … Continue Reading →