Resolving Google Chrome error your preferences cannot be read on Ubuntu

Sometimes Google Chrome for unknown reasons shows popup error message that preference cannot be read. There is a simple solution for this problem in Ubuntu. You just need to remove the Google Chrome folder from .config and restart Google Chrome and you check the result. But you should bear in … Continue Reading →

How to install Evernote on Ubuntu 12.04

Evernote is one of the greatest online note taking tools. It provides more facilities such as video, audio tagging, and RTF texting in comparison with Google Keep and it is supported widely for all desktop and mobile operating systems except Linux. However, there is an unofficial application for that which … Continue Reading →

My story behind triple booting of my laptop with CentOS 6.5, Ubuntu 12.04 and Windows 7

Few months ago I had to format my entire hard disk due to some problems I had with my laptop which finally turned to very nice story with good ending. Actually for long time around two years I had Ubuntu 12.04 in my laptop which I installed it via Wubi. … Continue Reading →

Converting .nrg file to .iso in Ubuntu terminal

Few days back I decided to run a retro Windows based game on my Ubuntu machine with Wine. When I found the image files of the game, I did realize that the image format is .nrg aka Nero image. I searched little bit the net and found two useful command … Continue Reading →

Solving Ubuntu 12.04 Netbeans swing problem

I have tried to launch and run a new Swing application in Netbeans 7.0.1 but surprisingly, I saw that when I had run the application, Java gave me bunch of exceptions regarding that “package org.jdesktop.layout does not exist ubuntu”. At first I have thought that the problem might come from … Continue Reading →

How to install Viber on Ubuntu

This is a short post about how to install Viber on Ubuntu (12.04) or Debian-based distributions. First of all you need to download .deb Viber package from official Viber website from the following link, Keep in your mind that, the above package is for 64 bit distributions and it … Continue Reading →

How to add CLASSPATH for jar files in Java in Ubuntu

When you do Java programming sometimes it happens that you need to add extra libraries to your application. In order to add those libraries you need to manipulate your CLASSPATH of Java programming language. Simply, CLASSPATH refers to the jar files libraries and this post shows “How to add classpath … Continue Reading →

How to install WordPress on Ubuntu

Possibly, it happens for many bloggers and website managers are working with WordPress intend to design or test their works on localhost. In this post I explain about how to install WordPress on Ubuntu. First of all you need to install and configure AMP (Apache, MySQL, PHP) on Ubuntu and … Continue Reading →