Enable MySQL query logging in Ubuntu

In this post, I explain about how to enable MySQL query logging for all queries. To enable query logging, historically you needed to edit my.cnf file under /etc/mysql path. However, the path and the file name is not valid anymore. In the newer versions, you need to edit mysqld.cnf that … Continue Reading →

Add natural scrolling to i3

I really like i3. In fact, I was working with it actively until few months back that I reinstalled my Ubuntu system. Few days back, I reinstalled i3 again and decided to give a try to Qutebrowser. It is all motivated by watching some YouTube videos of Luke Smith. In … Continue Reading →

Get rid of i3 notification in Ubuntu Unity

It is a very common symptom that once you install i3 window manager in Ubuntu, the Unity notification is getting replaced by i3 one which is called dunst. It is daemon service which starts at system booting time. This is very unpleasant at least for me. It looks ugly in … Continue Reading →

Changing Ubuntu calendar language

One irritating fact about Ubuntu is that it localizes the calendar based on your location and time zone. I am very against of this practice. It is annoying, it makes me do googling to find out how to fix it which is absolutely waste of time. And it hinders my … Continue Reading →

How to mount partitions without root access in Ubuntu

Mounting partitions in Ubuntu or any Linux systems is achievable via two approaches. The first way is to mount the partitions from root user which usually the partitions are pointed to /mnt/. This is more or less a classical method with systemwide effect. The second approach which is the topic … Continue Reading →

How to solve Unity loading problem in Ubuntu 15.10

Unfortunately, sometimes Unity Desktop (including launcher and dash) does not load. This is an existing painful bug in Unity for quite sometimes. Usually the reason for not loading is because Unity plug-in turned off automatically. There are few steps should be taken to resolve the problem. The first thing you … Continue Reading →

i3 wm config file

Around a month ago while I was surfing the internet I became familiar with i3 window manager. It had first impression on me. Immediately, I have installed on my fresh Ubuntu 15.10. Fortunately, it is available in the official repository and therefore, my headache was minimized. I like i3 because … Continue Reading →

How to install Composer in Ubuntu

Composer is a dependency manager tool for PHP programming language which is quite useful for PHP programmers and make the coding process easier. Compose more or less likes Maven that manage dependencies automatically. Installation process of compose is quite easy and will not take more than 5 minutes to set … Continue Reading →

Install Curl for PHP in Ubuntu

If you get similar error message like “Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init()”, means that your Curl lib/module is not installed for PHP. Fortunately, in Ubuntu installing Curl for PHP just requires two commands and it can be done so easily with the help of apt-get package installation. The … Continue Reading →

The best Linux distribution for VirtualBox

It has been a while that I have to use Linux in VirtualBox because my new laptop doesn’t support Linux and all of my attempts to install Linux on it failed which is quite disappointing. However, the most disappointing thing that I faced was the lack of a good Linux … Continue Reading →

Testing Postgres connection with PHP in Ubuntu

PHP is very powerful programming language to write different web application and that is the one of the most important reason I choose to learn it alongside with Python. However, database connection is getting troublesome in PHP specially for new programmers like me even though PHP is quite straightforward and … Continue Reading →

Install Ubuntu 14.04.2 properly as guest OS in VirtualBox

This post starts with few complains. First don’t buy Dell laptop at all no matter what is the specification and how cheap it is, you can read more about my complaint in this post. Secondly, Ubuntu did a great job with version LTS 14.04, however it makes life tremendously difficult … Continue Reading →