Dead of the great Openshift 2

Dead of the great Openshift 2 – as many of you may have known by now, Redhat is discontinuing Openshift v2 by the end of September 2017 for free users. They have already informed customers via email and publish the news on the site, click here. The death of Openshift … Continue Reading →

How to create software agreement license quickly

Although I am the big fan of open source and free software, I believe software agreement between customers and software vendor is necessary in order to increase awareness of customer right. In addition to that software agreement and license can be used to demonstrate the constraints and consequences of using … Continue Reading →

The Cathedral & the Bazaar

Eric Raymond is one of the most influential people in open source movement. In 1999 he wrote a book named “The Cathedral & the Bazaar” in which he compared two software development approaches [open source and close source] and he pointed the pros and cons of each. For me it … Continue Reading →