How to open formatted markdown files in Linux terminal

Markdown files (.md) are extensively used in Github and other places for various purposes. No doubt that they are getting more and more popular. For instance, Leanpub supports markdown for writing books or better to be said it relies on markdown. Besides that many people use markdown for writing scientific … Continue Reading →

Linux text-mode applications (Web browsers)

Introduction I wrote this article to publish it as a series for Geeksarticle website recently but unfortunately the closure of it caused that I could not publish it. Now the first part is ready. This part focuses on text-mode web browsers with introducing them in details and their installation. Many … Continue Reading →

Copy website URL from Lynx

I was looking how to copy website URL from Lynx (one of text-mode browser) to a file for using in my blog and I found this URL which is really nice post. Therefore, I have decided to copy that post here. All credits of the following part goes back to … Continue Reading →