Add natural scrolling to i3

I really like i3. In fact, I was working with it actively until few months back that I reinstalled my Ubuntu system. Few days back, I reinstalled i3 again and decided to give a try to Qutebrowser. It is all motivated by watching some YouTube videos of Luke Smith. In … Continue Reading →

Get rid of i3 notification in Ubuntu Unity

It is a very common symptom that once you install i3 window manager in Ubuntu, the Unity notification is getting replaced by i3 one which is called dunst. It is daemon service which starts at system booting time. This is very unpleasant at least for me. It looks ugly in … Continue Reading →

Low battery indicator in i3

I’ve been working with i3 around 9 months now and so far it is one my favorite WM so far. It is easy to use, elegant, hackerish and geeky. However, there was a problem for long time which was bugging me and that was lack of warning dialog for low … Continue Reading →

i3 wm config file

Around a month ago while I was surfing the internet I became familiar with i3 window manager. It had first impression on me. Immediately, I have installed on my fresh Ubuntu 15.10. Fortunately, it is available in the official repository and therefore, my headache was minimized. I like i3 because … Continue Reading →