Amazon Kindle pros and cons, a techie’s perspective

Introduction After months of thinking and internal conflict with self, will publish the details in a post soon, last month I purchased an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite e-reader. Within weeks of actively using/experimenting with it, gained some interesting experience which is worth sharing. Disclaimer: points discussed in this post are the … Continue Reading →

Dead of the great Openshift 2

Dead of the great Openshift 2 – as many of you may have known by now, Redhat is discontinuing Openshift v2 by the end of September 2017 for free users. They have already informed customers via email and publish the news on the site, click here. The death of Openshift … Continue Reading →

Few books that every geek should read

If you are a big fan of Linux and interested in knowing about philosophy of Linux and Free software, I would recommend you to get  copies of the following books and start reading it. I should mention that these books are not merely for geeks, Linux/Free software lovers or computer … Continue Reading →