IntelliJ IDEA shortcuts for Eclipse users

Introduction IntelliJ IDEA IDEs are very popular among developers, especially Java folks. In addition to that, they support multiple languages such as Java, Scala, C/C++, Python, etc. I have recently switched from Eclipse to IntelliJ for Java development. At first, I had very difficult time to give up Eclipse convenient … Continue Reading →

How to install WindowBuilder in Eclipse

Eclipse is my favorite IDE for coding especially for Java programming, even though it might be slower than other IDEs or has high RAM usage. Eclipse has different versions for different programming languages (C/C++, PHP, JavaScript, etc.). For long time, I was using Netbeans to develop Swing applications because it … Continue Reading →

Solving loading issue of Eclipse after upgrading Java version to Oracle Java 1.7 in Ubuntu 12.04

Few days ago I wanted to install latest version of Netbeans (version 7.4) on my Ubuntu 12.04 machine. One prerequisite of new Netbeans version is Java Oracle 1.7 and by default Ubuntu is shipped with Open JDK 1.6, therefore, I had to no way except installing Oracle Java 7 on … Continue Reading →