In this page, I introduce the list of projects which I have done for fun or gaining some experience. Variety of projects ranging from fairly simple bash scripts to cross-platform mobile game are available. Following is the list of my projects which are freely available to use, change,  and/or redistribute under Gnu General Public License (GPL)  v 3.0.

All projects code can be found in Github.

— Translate WebApp

Screenshot-Translate WebApp200x200Translate Web Application has been developed with Php, CSS and Jquery. It utilizes MyMemorry translate webservice to translate word(s), phrase(s) to various languages. In order to improve its efficiency some Jquery functions added to avoid refreshing page continuously.

The source code can be found in Github (click here). To see the live running version of the application click here [Geeksweb].

— CISAP Is Simple Audio Player

Screenshot-kixz@debian: ~-GIT-repos-CISAP-GIT-CISAP150X150CISAP is a simple command audio player that provides many facilities to play various types of audio files from your terminal/command line. CISAP has been developed with C programming language (GCC) and it utilizes FMOD library version 4.40 as its core engine to decode audio files. For command line interface Ncurses library is used.  For more information refer to Readme page of the application at Github.

The source code of CISAP is available at Github (click here).

— Ncurses Phone Book

Screenshot-kixz@debian: ~-GIT-repos-ncurses-phone-book-npb150x150Ncurses Phone Book aka NPB is a very simple console-based phone book that is written in C programming language. It uses Sqlite database to keep information and Ncurses as its front-end UI. It has abilities to add, remove, and search contact(s). The main purpose of written this application is to demonstrate how to make use of various libraries to build a simple unified application.

For downloading the source of NPB from Github please click here.

— Weather web-service call

Screenshot-kixz@debian: ~-GIT-repos-Weather-forecast-GIT-Weather-webservice-call-src150x150Weather web-service call is a console application written in Java (cross platform) which gives information on Weather description, Current temperature, Maximum temperature, Minimum temperature, Humidity level, and Wind speed of the given location. For retrieving information about weather Openweathermap web-service is utilized.

Downloading the source code from Github repository click here.

— FUI Script

Screenshot from 2014-09-27 21:51:02Find Unique Images aka FUI is a very simple and useful script for CCTV camera. If you have a CCTV that captures images from a fixed angle and you want to track down the changes easily without going through all captured images or check one by one to see what happened. Instead, you can use FUI to list down all the unique images [changes]. It means that you just get the list of the changes [unique] pictures and easily you can discard rest of images that were captured over time and reflect no changes. Downloading source code from Github repository click here.

— AutoPlayPy

AutoPlayPyThe purpose of AutoPlayPy is to automate playing process of Youtube, DailyMotion, LiveStream, Twitch, and Ustream via LiveStreamer. AutoPlayPy is developed in Python 2.7 and it is not tested with Python 3.x. AutoPlayPy simply traces clipboard contents and if there is any string with the above stream names found in the clipboard it launches LiveStreamer automatically and passes the string as the input parameter. Therefore, the video starts playing. Downloading the source code from Github repository click here.

— XO2

XO2 GameXO2 it is simple classic Tic-Tac-Toe game developed for Android devices. It is a simple classic XO game with no fancy visual design.

The project is still under development. CodenameOne framework is used for developing this game. For more information about CodenameOne refer below link,

Downloading the source code from Github repository click here.

— Webcam2CCTVCloud

Webcam2CCTVCloudWebcam2CCTVCloud is a simple bash script which turns your webcam to CCTV camera. So you can capture as many frames as you want and save them in your desirable location. It is very handy and easy to use. You can run the script in background or make use of your laptop as the CCTV while you are away.

In addition to that you are able to set saving pictures path to your Dropbox syncing folder path to be able to do monitoring via different devices which connected to the same Dropbox account.

Downloading the source code from Github repository click here.

— User screen auditing

Screenshot from 2015-04-11 09:22:58

User-screen-auditing is a sample bash script that captures users desktop activities by taking picture. The script utilizes simple timer and import program to capture screenshot from user’s desktop. Additionally, you can set saving picture path to your Dropbox syncing folder path to be able to do monitoring in different Dropbox equipped devices which connected to the syncing folder. This feature allows you to control user activities who is using the system, especially useful for kids control.

The source code is freely available at Github click here.

— The internet WayBack Machine

The internet wayback machine

The purpose of this application is to allow user to define a link and allow them to automatically submit to The main benefit of this application is that the user doesn’t require to open a browser and do the submission manually each time. In addition to that, the application can be configured in Linux crontab and do the task of submission periodically. You can get more information about Internet Wayback Machine from

The source code of the application is freely available at Github click here. It is available in Java and PHP language.

— Bill Mining


Bill Mining is a Swing program with SQLite as back end with the purpose of adding company, outlet, item and item categories of your purchased bill to get optimal price for the items you purchase based on the various outlets you perform your purchases. It is able to suggest list of outlets for the particular items which are sold cheaper in comparison with other places (shops).

The use of this application is not difficult, it just requires some basic configuration for companies, outlets (branches) and items. After that you can start adding your bills and get an analysis report for your bills and get suggestion which items you should purchase from which places. As a result, you can save your cost and lower your grocery or any other expenditure.

The source code is freely available at Github click here.

— GeeksWeb Bot (GWB)

GeeksWeb Telegram Bot

GeeksWeb Bot is a simplified and lightweight version of Jadibot by Jaavid. It is designed to be easily launched on HeroKu cloud application platform. In this bot, the database portion and other complicated parts of Jadibot have been removed to make it easy to configure of cloud application platform and easy to configure.

The use of this bot application is not difficult, you just need to copy/paste the content to your HeroKu application and commit the code, however, before that you are required to set your website/blog RSS feed as well as access token.

The source code is freely available at Github click here

— Ubuntu Indicator Weather

Ubuntu Indicator Weather is a very simple weather indicator for Ubuntu unity and Gnome 3. It is developed with Python and uses two web service calls, (based on Open Weather Map) to detect user’s location and temperature respectively.

You can either user .deb package under pkg folder if you are using Ubuntu or Debian based distributions or .tar.gz one for other distributions. Source code contains Debian package structure and startup script.

The source code is free available at Github click here

To know how to install the indicator click here

— Elixir Lyrics

Elixir Lyrics is a free REST API (Free songs lyrics API) which allows to simply extract the lyric of a song via a web service call. Elixir Lyrics web service is hosted on combination of Openshift and Heroku. Our technology stack includes Spring Boot, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, and The source code will be publicly published soon. Currently the project is in the beta stage and it might have some glitches due to unexpected reasons.

For more details please refer to the documentation page at this link.

— Neat Geo IP

Neat Geo IP is a free GeoIP webservice which allows to retrieve country name of the given IP address. The service is based on the free version of GeoLite2-City database from MaxMind.
Our technology stack includes variety of Open source tools/technologies such as Spring Boot framework for development and Openshift for hosting the service.

For source code, please click here. For documentation refer to this link.