Facebook chat application for Linux command line

It is really true that Linux is a such powerful operating system. Apart from its security, freedom and flexibility, it provides all facilities for every type of user from novice to professional. In other word, it satisfies needs of all users from different categories. Again Linux provides more options for … Continue Reading →

Controlling network bandwidth in Linux

Sometimes, it happens that you want to limit network bandwidth of a certain computer or even your computer for testing purposes. For example, you can check your socket/network application, client/server application, etc. on different conditions or limited network speed to see how it works. Linux provides facilities to do this … Continue Reading →

WordPress sourcecode tag

If you manage your website/weblog with WordPress and frequently use code in your posts, you can easily show your code in especial format nicely with using Syntax Highlighter plugin. This plugin provides its own built in tags which you can utilize them in your posts. In order, to represent code … Continue Reading →

Image processing (Negative algorithm)

This post is also about image processing algorithm. In this post negative algorithm will be covered. For those of you who do not know what is negative algorithm in image processing, I simplified the meaning of negative algorithm. Basically and simply when we negative a picture we invert colors of … Continue Reading →

Image processing (Zoom out algorithm)

In the last post, zoom in algorithm was discussed and simple example of it was also given. This post is about zoom out algorithm. Basically, zoom out algorithm task is opposite of zoom in, means that instead of increasing the size of the image (make the image bigger) which shows … Continue Reading →

Introduction to image processing (Zoom in algorithm)

Image processing is one of the interesting and obviously important area of the computer science. Image processing also is one of the oldest and ubiquitous area in the computer science which is employed by other areas as well. This blog just explains about the practical side of the image processing … Continue Reading →

Process management in Linux

If you are working with Linux in text-mode, it is vital to know how to manage processes, terminate them, prioritize them, etc. In addition, process management is more crucial for system administrators which mostly manage servers. For example, they need to terminate the process which is in infinite loop in … Continue Reading →

Socket programming in Linux with GCC

Linux is the paradise of programmers. It facilitates programmers with the numerous tools and flexibility. Programmers easily can develop and test their code in Linux freely. Linux has many compilers and programming languages which majority of them are freely available with good documentation, by contrast of Windows. This post demonstrates … Continue Reading →

How to make simple Makefile

In programming is very necessary to compile the application quickly after applying some changes in your source code. In other words, after modification you need to compile your code again to test it to see is it working or not. It is obvious that just some parts of the code … Continue Reading →

How to change runlevel in Linux

Basically, runlevel refers to preset operating state on a Unix-like operating systems. It means that in different runlevel various services can be activated based on the runlevel. If you want to change the current runlevel to something else it is easily possible in Linux command and with utilizing few commands … Continue Reading →

Introduction to Audacious player

In Linux tunes of audio/video players available if they are not more than Windows they are not less. Back to years ago Linux suffered from shortage of good media player to support all codecs with user friendly interface. Fortunately todays in each Linux box you can find many media players … Continue Reading →

Installing LAMP

LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySql, and PHP. Installing mentioned packages in Linux is not difficult task as some users think that it is complex and procedure involves in manipulating many text file which is haunting and exhaustive. In fact installing LAMP if is not simpler than Xampp or Wamp … Continue Reading →