How to add iFrame to WordPress sidebar

It has been said that a good engineer can create something useful with the tools given to him, although, I do not consider myself even an half engineer but I managed to do something fun. Anyway, let’s back to the story. Few days ago I have decided to add a … Continue Reading →

How do I write my blog posts?

In order to write posts for my blog recently I have switched to Google docs. It is quite powerful and easy to write and publish in WordPress. Before that I have tried LibreOffice and Microsoft office with Wine emulator on Linux but both of them when I paste text that … Continue Reading →

How to use domain with Heliohost is the best and most legitimate free domain provider. They provide free domain which is not black listed by Google or other search engines and also after domain dedication they do not ask for paying them despite of your website traffic or whether the website is successful or not. … Continue Reading →

Introducing some useful WordPress plugins necessary for every website

Few days ago I was working on designing a new fancy WordPress website which contained many pictures. While I was designing the website, I searched for some plugins on the internet for the website in order to make more beautiful and modern. At the end I come up with the … Continue Reading →

Recover WordPress website when it is redirected to your host homepage

Two days ago when I wanted to check my blog, I found that my blog was redirected automatically to the host homepage. At first, I considered about being hacked or some malicious manipulation from outside to my website. Firstly, I tried to scan the entire content of the website with … Continue Reading →

Best two free hosting services

Nowadays you can find tons of web sites that offer you free web hosting services which support many features and are suitable for running your website on it. I tried many of these website and found most of them have kind of issue. For instance, one was closed suddenly and … Continue Reading →

How to know which web technologies used in a specific website

Sometimes it happens that we face with a well designed website and ask a question from ourselves about how and with which framework is created. Well the most easiest way to understand this matter is to go to the source code of the web page by right clicking on it. … Continue Reading →

How to add Google search to your website

As you know has customized Google search which means that Google search algorithm is used for searching posts/keywords in the website. Google search is much more efficient in comparison with the default WordPress search. In this post I demonstrate about how to add customized Google search bar to your … Continue Reading →

How to install WordPress on Ubuntu

Possibly, it happens for many bloggers and website managers are working with WordPress intend to design or test their works on localhost. In this post I explain about how to install WordPress on Ubuntu. First of all you need to install and configure AMP (Apache, MySQL, PHP) on Ubuntu and … Continue Reading →

Validate your website in W3

When you design website you should always keep in your mind that website follows standards and it is compatible with all browsers, devices such as mobile phones, tablets and so on. The best way to realize that is your website built based on standards is to check or validate it … Continue Reading →

WordPress sourcecode tag

If you manage your website/weblog with WordPress and frequently use code in your posts, you can easily show your code in especial format nicely with using Syntax Highlighter plugin. This plugin provides its own built in tags which you can utilize them in your posts. In order, to represent code … Continue Reading →

Create your website sitemap in three seconds

Today I have checked my email and I receive an email from bing search engine and they have written that does not have a sitemap. That is true, since I created the web blog in hurry I totally forgot to make sitemap for it and it is good that … Continue Reading →