Fixing Cpanel internal server error

In Cpanel hosted sites, Internal Server Error is a common issue. This can be due to multiple reasons which is highly depends on the Cpanel configurations. As a website owner, encountering this error is very unpleasant. In particular when there is a high pressure to fix the problem. Based on … Continue Reading →

Hello from hell

Finally, I managed to post after two months (exactly since November 2016) in my blog and I am extremely happy about that but at the same time sad and nervous. I guess the first question is what happened that I didn’t post for two months. Well, in a nutshell, disaster … Continue Reading →

How to write mathematical equations in WordPress

One of the WordPress drawbacks is lack of default support of math formulas. Fortunately, there are few plugins available to facilitate adding LaTeX style equations. Among them, WP QuickLaTeX and Jetpack by plugins seem to work the best. Simply just install one of them and add your equation in … Continue Reading →

Auto submit url to internet wayback machine

In the previous post I have explained about internet wayback machine and the use of it. As I have mentioned there, internet wayback machine doesn’t provide any APIs to submit URLs automatically and base on the timely period to be archived. But there is a workaround to overcome this drawback … Continue Reading →

Quick Laravel 5 installation guide

There are many guideline for setting up Laravel in your localhost and majority of them are quite good. However, I have realized the are not very complete and some are very confusing. Hence, I have decided to write a simple and short guideline on how to setup Laravel 5 quickly … Continue Reading →

Removing header search box in Simple Catch theme

Simple Catch theme is used in my WordPress blog for three years and I am quite happy with that. It is very handy and easy to maintain, beside I don’t change and manipulate the theme and look of the blog often. When I setup my blog for the first time, … Continue Reading →

How to create Google Chrome app

Few months ago suddenly my curiosity caught me regarding Google Chrome apps/extensions and how it is created. I did googling on the internet and finally I have decided to make my hands dirty and create Google Chrome app for my blog (blog.madadipouya aka[formerly] GeeksWeb ;-)). Anyway, what I have found … Continue Reading →

Create Mobile Application for your website

As you may have noticed this blog is running on WordPress which I am quite satisfied with what is provided and enjoying using tons of free plugins that provided. Few days ago suddenly, something came to my mind about having mobile application for my blog and I have started to … Continue Reading →

Blogger vs Google sites vs Github

In the last couple of days I have become extremely curious about various blogging platforms and I have come to conclusion to write a short post for those that might get confused about the difference between Blogger, Google sites and Github. What I have found out regarding the mentioned platform … Continue Reading →

Setup Google mail for your domain

Google provides you to have its user friendly Gmail for your domain via Google Apps. This means if I have a domain for example and I have an email which is, I can access my email account in Gmail app. This is not a new facility from Google … Continue Reading →

Blink tag replacement

Blink tag had never been official HTML tag and it is deprecated now. In fact none of the modern browsers supports blink tag and is not working anymore. In order to find a replacement for blink tag, I was searching around an hour on the net to find proper and … Continue Reading →

Few WordPress migration hints

Finally last week I have decided to migrate the blog to a better server. Actually, I had the idea long time ago but was sort of busy and also afraid of things go wrong. Anyhow, last Saturday simple blog migration started but for some unknown reason I was unable to … Continue Reading →