How to increase insert performance of Amazon AWS Redshift using JDBC

Redshift is one of the greatest Amazon AWS services which is suitable for Big data, BI and analytics purposes. Though, it is sometimes difficult to adapt yourself due to some limitations it has in comparison to even its parent Postgres. If you manage to get used to it, you will … Continue Reading →

Java JDBC connection pool using Tomcat JDBC Connection Pool

Creating database connection is resource intensive and it is very crucial to have a connection pool mechanism to reduce system overload, especially when you aim to do many interaction with database. Most of enterprise frameworks such as EJB, Hibernate have connection pool automatically by default and you just need to … Continue Reading →

How to create Ubuntu indicator with Python

For a long period of time, I wanted to make a simple Ubuntu unity indicator just to learn how they work. Finally in Christmas holidays I got a chance to search on the internet and came up with a simple idea of having a weather indicator. The result was great … Continue Reading →

Difference between abstract and interface in Java

One of the most repetitive programming interview question is “what’s the difference between abstract and interface classes?”. To answer this question I have had search the internet to come with a complete answers in bullet points. I tried to cover as much as I can. Below is the end result … Continue Reading →

Few hints about Apache Ant

Apache Ant is one of the most awesome automation tools, even though it is not as good as Maven. If nowadays I want to select an automation tool for a new project definitely I got with Maven, but before it existence Ant was rolling. Recently, I had to work with … Continue Reading →

How to create RESTful web service in Spring

Spring provides many facilities to Java developers which ease the programming as well as reducing the complexity of the code. One of the most powerful features Spring supports is called invasion of control or dependency inject. In addition to that, throughout the years Spring framework has had tremendous growth and … Continue Reading →

Object-relational mapping in Java

Object-relational mapping (ORM) is a technique which allows programmers to access a relational database from an object-oriented language and programmers do not need to map and type cast each column of database to classes manually. In other word, ORM technique take care of populating the result sets. In Java there … Continue Reading →

How to create Telegram bot with PHP and host in HeroKu

Nowadays, Telegram is one of the most popular messengers. The reason that the app is so popular is because of three reasons, The application is open source It is cross platform supports and works out of the box Bot support Among the reasons, I believe the third one is so … Continue Reading →

Transaction in JDBC

Java JDBC is a very simple and basic library to access to database data, but it is quite common and easy to setup that is why it is kind of popular. However, it has various shortages such as Object-relational mapping (ORM) and Transaction Management. The latter though can be done … Continue Reading →

How to install Composer in Ubuntu

Composer is a dependency manager tool for PHP programming language which is quite useful for PHP programmers and make the coding process easier. Compose more or less likes Maven that manage dependencies automatically. Installation process of compose is quite easy and will not take more than 5 minutes to set … Continue Reading →

The correct place of bracket in programming

Basically, the location of bracket ({}) in programming is a very old argument and up to now there is no absolute winner. For those that my words look like an alien language let me provide an example. In programming languages like C/C++, Java and so on bracket ({}) are used widely. … Continue Reading →

How to add Gson library to Android Studio project

Google Android Studio from my point of view is the most suitable IDE for native Android programming. It is simply works out of the box. However, during working with this IDE, I have faced the shortage of documentation. Unfortunately, majorities of tutorials have been written for Eclipse IDE and since … Continue Reading →