How to fix corrupted filesystems in FreeBSD

I have an installation of FreeBSD on VirtualBox and once in awhile I work with it. Working with FreeBSD indeed is very amazing and it is a world itself. Anyhow, few days ago when I was working with the FreeBSD on VirtualBox on my Ubuntu machine, Unity got crazy and … Continue Reading →

Reinstall package manager in FreeBSD 10.X

pkg_info/pkg_create/pkg_add commands have been replaced in FreeBSD version 10.X by pkg. Personally I think the new package manager is quite amazing and way better than the old one. For more details about new features, refer to this link: However, on very rare and unusual occasions pkg might break and … Continue Reading →

How to change command prompt in FreeBSD

By default FreeBSD does not show anything in command prompt such as path, username, hostname except $. For many this can be quite annoying. As an example user does not know the current path and to get that must run pwd which is a redundant step. To have a more … Continue Reading →

How to install FreeBSD 9.0 on VirtualBox

ABSTRACT The article expresses about installing FreeBSD version 9.0 as a virtual machine on ViirtualBox application. In the first part of tutorial you will familiar about installation procedure of FreeBSD. The next step is about configuration and installation “VirtualBox Guest Addition” package on FreeBSD. Finally, the last section talks about … Continue Reading →


Few years back when I was in college I had Assembly course which was about how to program in Assembly language. On that time I was excited about do further research about Assembly and its use in today programming. Accidentally I found an OS which was written totally in Assembly … Continue Reading →