New year 2016 and Debian

Very well, today is the first day of 2016 and I am quite happy about the fact that I believe 2016 would be a better year than 2015 in any aspects especially technology wise. Though, on the other hand I am little bit upset because Free Software and Open Source … Continue Reading →

200th post of the blog

This is 200th post of my blog. I am pretty excited about celebration of this achievement because I have managed to continue updating the blog in 2.5 years despite of lots of issues I have faces. This is a prove to myself that shows it is possible to maintain and … Continue Reading →

Instapaper, a savior app

For a long time I was seeking for an application/tool or whatsoever to be able to save the webpages cleanly and be able to read it in my laptop(s) and/or mobile devices flawlessly, offline and in sync. However, my attempt in the first place had been ended by saving the … Continue Reading →

First make sure then accuse

This post is somehow general speaking about accusation, however, in many real world cases I have seen it also implies to software engineering (developing) and working ethics in any company. Accusation is not a simple thing which I believe some people do not take it seriously. Many times, I have … Continue Reading →

Social network content management systems

In the last few years, developing a new social network was a very cool idea, however, I believe nowadays developing such a system might be quite silly if there is no justification or innovation behind it. For instance, back to 2004, when Mark Zuckerberg started building Facebook, his idea was … Continue Reading →

How to host your website on Openshift

Openshift is quite amazing and I strongly can say, it is much better than its competitor such as Google App Engine or Heroku in providing services. With Openshift you not only able to do your testing and deploy your applications, but also you can host your website there very easily. … Continue Reading →

Internet wayback machine

The internet wayback machine is the website [] which you can refer to get copies of websites in different period of times if it is available. For instance, you can get see the main page of Yahoo! from 2002 onwards. For me it is very interesting because it brings me … Continue Reading →

Grammar checker and corrector

For a long time I was looking for an application to check my grammar and punctuation since to improve the quality of my writing and have an error free essay or blog post. Finally, after a few hours searching and trying various sorts of grammar checker I have found a … Continue Reading →

How to create software agreement license quickly

Although I am the big fan of open source and free software, I believe software agreement between customers and software vendor is necessary in order to increase awareness of customer right. In addition to that software agreement and license can be used to demonstrate the constraints and consequences of using … Continue Reading →

Do not buy Dell laptops

It is been long time that I want to write a post regarding Dell laptops but didn’t have time to do that. But finally I totally disappointed from Dell products and decided to write this post about Dell crappy products. I had owned a Dell Studio 1557 [aka garbage] and … Continue Reading →

List of computer and hacking related movies

I love whatever related to computers and technology and even though I am not a big fan of movies, I cannot avoid watching movies and/or documentaries regarding computer world. For certain period of time I was constantly searching the internet for finding any computer movies, either hollywood and unrealistic or … Continue Reading →

Bill Gates is still balling in 2015

Yet, Bill Gates is richest man in the planet and he is still balling in 2015 with 79.3 billion USD even though he is retired. Although, I am against of Microsoft policy and proprietary software, I strongly believe that for those people that want to be successful, Bill Gates is … Continue Reading →