Amazon Kindle pros and cons, a techie’s perspective

Introduction After months of thinking and internal conflict with self, will publish the details in a post soon, last month I purchased an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite e-reader. Within weeks of actively using/experimenting with it, gained some interesting experience which is worth sharing. Disclaimer: points discussed in this post are the … Continue Reading →

A Little rant on what is going on in the tech world

In the past month, lots of surprises happened in the tech world that resulted in writing this bizarre article. As opposed to most of the blog contents, the current article is about ranting on what is going on in the tech world. Personally, I consider this post as informative mixed … Continue Reading →

Dead of the great Openshift 2

Dead of the great Openshift 2 – as many of you may have known by now, Redhat is discontinuing Openshift v2 by the end of September 2017 for free users. They have already informed customers via email and publish the news on the site, click here. The death of Openshift … Continue Reading →

Good news! The blog content is fully restored

If you remember my first post of 2017, here, was about partial loss of my blog contents due to hard disk failure in of the server I used to host my blog. Long story short, I lost all 2016 posts, but was lucky enough to have them saved in a … Continue Reading →

4 years on the road, th journey of valuable experience

It is been four years since I published the first post of this blog. Prior to that I was skeptical about the purpose of having a personal blog as well as the nature of content to add. I had inner argument with myself to whether to have a blog or … Continue Reading →

Happy Nowruz 1396

It is always great to find every possible opportunity to celebrate despite of nationality, religion, etc. Happy moments are great and precious that usually last short but registered for long time in our memories. And in short life of ours put smile on our faces numerous time, whether in that … Continue Reading →

Hello from hell

Finally, I managed to post after two months (exactly since November 2016) in my blog and I am extremely happy about that but at the same time sad and nervous. I guess the first question is what happened that I didn’t post for two months. Well, in a nutshell, disaster … Continue Reading →

Open source contributors, license matters

Few days ago a post published on Arstechnica that “Wix gets caught ‘stealing’ GPL code from WordPress”. You can read the full news at this link. My takeaway from the news narrows down to two hypotheses (unawareness, smartness) why such incident occurred. Hypothesis one – unawareness: No one (including … Continue Reading →

Instapaper Vs Pocket

Around a year ago I wrote a post about Instapaper and described how great it was. Anyhow, shortly after that post I found Pocket and then within short period of time I migrated to it and removed Instapaper. Back then I had an intention to write a blog post to … Continue Reading →

Happy Earth day and yet shocking surprise

Yesterday (2016-04-22) was Earth day and in respect to that Google has changed its logo, click here. Though I was not sure about the reason of calling 22nd April as Earth day. It motivated me to had a quick search to find about “Earth day” and looked at Wikipedia. But … Continue Reading →

Happy 3rd birthday Geeksweb

Very well, today is the 3rd birthday of this blog ( aka Geeksweb). As the owner and creator of this blog I am very happy as well as having sense of achievement. During last 3 years I have managed to keep this blog updated even irregularly particularly when I had … Continue Reading →

Happy Chinese new year 2016

As a person who lives in a south Asian country, it is easy to realize that Chinese new year has an especial meaning even in comparison with Christian new year for majority of Asian. Those who celebrate this event at now perhaps are with their families, having good time. Or … Continue Reading →