How to resolve error 1175 in MySQL Workbench

MySQL Workbench is a useful visualization tool for database architects, which provides similar features to PostgreSQL pgAdmin. Even though, that I am not a big fan of MySQL (I am a Postgres zombie πŸ˜‰ ) , I cannot escape from it since it is widely used anywhere in any project. … Continue Reading β†’

How to increase max connection size of Postgresql in Ubuntu

If you are accessing to Postgresql database using programming language, sometimes, you may get exception such as fatal sorry too many clients already or more precisely the following exception in Java. The reason for such an error is due to the fact that your program perhaps made too many connection … Continue Reading β†’

Postgres useful features

Previously I wrote some posts about Postgres such as basic commands, trigger, replications, etc. In this post I will go one more level more and start playing with config files, logs and other stuff. The first thing that I would like to demonstrate is postgres log file. Basically live postgres … Continue Reading β†’

Transaction in JDBC

Java JDBC is a very simple and basic library to access to database data, but it is quite common and easy to setup that is why it is kind of popular. However, it has various shortages such as Object-relational mapping (ORM) and Transaction Management. The latter though can be done … Continue Reading β†’

Database trigger in PostgreSQL

Triggers in DB provides a facility to set triggers on certain tables for performing events (insert, delete, update) in another table. For instance, I want if any entry added to table A, consequentially a new row will be added to table B with some information that comes from table A. … Continue Reading β†’

In-memory databases

Sometimes in programming need to hold many objects and classes into memory, however, this will cause shortage of heap memory or memory leakage eventually. In order to avoid this bad practise and also not using hard disk to save the data due to its low access speed, you can use … Continue Reading β†’

Testing Postgres connection with PHP in Ubuntu

PHP is very powerful programming language to write different web application and that is the one of the most important reason I choose to learn it alongside with Python. However, database connection is getting troublesome in PHP specially for new programmers like me even though PHP is quite straightforward and … Continue Reading β†’

Database design PKID vs GUID

This is an old school debate, actually some people believe GUID is better some have opposite idea. However, each has its own pros and cons which I have listed as much as I could, PKID advantages Easy to remember Incremental and therefore query speed is faster Causes less fragmentation in … Continue Reading β†’

Basic postgresql commands

PostgreSQL (AKA postgres) is the one of the well-known relational database. It is pretty capable of doing everything such as storing JSON object, DB replication and so on. Beside that it is also open source software. In this post I demonstrate some basic commands of Β postgresql for beginners. The first … Continue Reading β†’

PostgreSQL database replication

In PostgreSQL 9.1 and later database replication feature is provided built in. This feature allows you to have high up time and very low risk of data lose. It is also useful for data mirroring and have high usage for load balancing (For example, very useful in designing banking system). … Continue Reading β†’

Concat two strings in postgreSQL and MySQL

Recently, I have faced with the situation that I had to update one column value with the combination of two strings (one is another column string and the other one is a single word) for entire table. One way is to update each row manually but what if there are … Continue Reading β†’

How to connect to remote Postgresql in Java

In the previous post I explained about connecting to remote Postgresql database with SSH command in Linux. This post is dedicated to do make remote connection with do some programming in Java which is quite simple. In order to connect to Postgresql in Java despite the fact of connection type … Continue Reading β†’