Lessons learned from Linux and the Unix Philosophy book

Linux and the Unix Philosophy written by Mike Gancarz (2003) is an amazing and worthy book. This book was life changing for me. It changed my perspective about software and its development. Not only software, I learned many other useful stuff from the book which not only applicable to software … Continue Reading →

Lessons to be learned from Steve Jobs book

As a Free & Open-source fan/advocate I am not much interested in proprietary products from Apple and Microsoft, though, this does not implicate that I hate their founders (e.g. Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Bill Gates, etc.) even if I have conflict of interests with them. No doubt all the mentioned … Continue Reading →

The Cathedral & the Bazaar

Eric Raymond is one of the most influential people in open source movement. In 1999 he wrote a book named “The Cathedral & the Bazaar” in which he compared two software development approaches [open source and close source] and he pointed the pros and cons of each. For me it … Continue Reading →

Few books that every geek should read

If you are a big fan of Linux and interested in knowing about philosophy of Linux and Free software, I would recommend you to get  copies of the following books and start reading it. I should mention that these books are not merely for geeks, Linux/Free software lovers or computer … Continue Reading →