How to turn a semi-lousy Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite to a Linux beast

No doubt that the title of this post is more similar to Soviet-Union or North Korean propaganda rather than a serious tech related post. But there is no doubt that Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite is a lousy tablet at best, if it is not a total garbage. Why? To … Continue Reading →

How to add Spring RestTemplate to Android Studio

As mentioned in a previous post related to Android, Android Studio has lack of documentation for novice users. For instance, one of the lacking area is how to add dependencies to Android Studio projects. Default dependency/build manager in Android Studio is Gradle which personally I am not a big fan, … Continue Reading →

How to download folder from Google drive in Android phones

Nowadays cloud storage is getting more and more popular and people are using cloud vastly for different purposes, to be exact it is cloud and mobile computing era. One of the most popular cloud storage provider is Google, giving away 15 GB free space to each Google account. And certainly … Continue Reading →

How to add Gson library to Android Studio project

Google Android Studio from my point of view is the most suitable IDE for native Android programming. It is simply works out of the box. However, during working with this IDE, I have faced the shortage of documentation. Unfortunately, majorities of tutorials have been written for Eclipse IDE and since … Continue Reading →

Instapaper, a savior app

For a long time I was seeking for an application/tool or whatsoever to be able to save the webpages cleanly and be able to read it in my laptop(s) and/or mobile devices flawlessly, offline and in sync. However, my attempt in the first place had been ended by saving the … Continue Reading →

Android Lollipop officially released for Motorola Moto G

Android Lollipop is around for few months and on the first few days of its release it became available for Nexus 5 and some other phones. For budget phones such as Motorola Moto G I did not expect Google will release any update anymore, however, few days ago I have … Continue Reading →

Google translate features for mobile, Google is bad or good ?

Google is dominating almost everything in computer and technology area. In my last post I discussed about setting up Gmail for your domain email. In this post I have targeted Google translate. Google translate was not a very good option for me at first because it did not have English … Continue Reading →

The best Android emulator for Linux

Besides official Android SDK emulator which is damn slow and ugly, I have found Genymotion is quite good and awesome. In Windows platform Bluestack has done a very good job and their Android emulator is very fast and totally usable but sadly there is no Linux edition of Bluestack. I … Continue Reading →

How to make swap for your Android device

Android has a great ability in memory management. Android does not keep inactive processes and memory blocks (pages) in main memory, instead it writes the process status in second memory and when you open the application again it seems that the application has never been closed since it the last … Continue Reading →