Blog.madadipouya.com (Formerly Geeksweb.eu.org & Geeksweb.tk) is my personal blog which I post about my experience in computer and software especially in Linux and programming areas.

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Here is a brief about me:

In overall,

“I am a human being who tries to live freely from boundaries and tensions or anything destructive. I am enthusiastic to learn about anything new especially about life, people and can discuss about any topic openly.”

And in details,

I am a master student in Software Engineering field and a big fan of Free Software and Open Source. I am interested in both computer related and non-related subjects.

In computer field I really like Recommender systems, Machine learning, Operating system and image processing. My favorite OS is Linux (specifically Debain and Ubuntu) and found C programming language is the most interesting programming language for me. My favorite OO (Object Oriented) languages are Java and Python because of their simplicity and platform independence features. In database I prefer to work with MySQL and SQLite and in web technologies I like HTML5 and PHP, although I do not have that much knowledge in web technologies.

In non-computer related fields I like astronomy and cosmology. I follow the latest astronomy news daily especially news about expo planets (extra-solar planets), earth-like planets, Mars curiosity rover and Kepler, Voyager 1,2 missions. In addition, I am a big fan of poetry and history as well. I usually dedicate few hours in a week to read history books and poem.

My hobbies include,

  • Meeting new people from different countries with different backgrounds and cultures. I believe this gives a chance to know people closely in reality and not just rely on what we heard on news which might represent many things wrongly.
  • I spend many hours for reading about everything that I find interesting. It might be a short story, technical stuff, historical or anything else.
  • Everyday I used to go for long walking. It usually took between one to few hours. Walking helped me so much to think better and it also kind of fun and healthy activity, hope to start it again soon.
  • Watching series and movie is another activity that I do in my spare time.
  • Coffee and tea. These two are not counted as hubby but without them the life will be extremely hard for me.
  • Blogging and writing. Sometimes I write about events that happen in my daily life plus I write posts for my blog and try to keep it update.
  • Listening to music and collecting music. I listen to music a lot (few to many hours in a day) and in addition, I have a big music collection which I collected and kept over years as hobby.
  • Pet keeping is the other hobby which I used to follow but nowadays I am not able to do it anymore due to many reasons which on top of them is timing problem.
  • Learning new languages. I am always eager to learn new languages because I think it helps me to understand people from different cultures better and easily.
  • And like everybody else, I surf the net and do social networking (gossiping about people 😉 ) in my free times.
  • Finally, my greatest hobby is programming for fun. Programming is one the best hobbies that I have and I find it quite interesting since it could be challenging which could lead to learn many new things. It also been said that programming makes you smarter 😉

Last but not least, it is good to know that English is not my first language. In fact my writing skill is not good at all. If you find any grammatical mistake or ambiguity in my post please inform me to correct it. I also would be happy if somebody can introduce some good writing materials so I can improve my writing skill.

You also can find more about me and my ideas on my Google+, Twitter pages (see contact page).