Yet another new year and a new blog theme

Say hi to 2018

New year, 2018, arrived surprisingly early for me. I had not expected 2017 to end. But it was over in a blink of an eye. I am still not done with 2017. Left with many uncompleted tasks and resolutions. That’s why I delayed writing a new year post as I usually do within the first few days of each year.

Anyway, as it is too late to wish happy new year, I just can say hopefully the world sees better days in 2018.

Surprisingly, this year I didn’t have any resolutions. Because I still have not completed what left from 2016 and 2017. Besides, we don’t have to wait for a year to make resolutions. Can set it anytime, anywhere as long a person feels accomplished and moves toward his objectives in the life.

Unfortunately, the last couple of months I had been quite busy with my personal life and have not had time to update the blog. I promise to update regularly in this year. Yet, this is not a new year resolution. To be exact, it is 2017 one.

New blog theme

Now, let’s talk about the new awesome theme of the blog.

As you may notice the blog theme has been changed. I was using Simple Catch for about 5 years. It was an awesome theme and served me well. However, finally decided to make a move and changing it for multiple reasons:

  1. The theme looked a little bit old-fashioned and the blog needed a fresh look.
  2. Need of a bigger space for posts content (center area) and Simple Catch margin gap was unnecessary too large. I didn’t want to hack around by changing CSS to make it work either.
  3. I couldn’t update the theme since the beginning of 2017. Because any updates resulted in a broken look and feel. I made a huge mistake five years ago and that was to add a bunch of custom CSS to the theme. For instance, I changed the font, link colors and mouse hover effect. That resulted in sticking with an outdated theme after sometimes.
  4. Lack of enough customization. Don’t get me wrong, Simple Catch allows some good customization even with the free version theme but they are not simply enough to my needs. For instance, once I wanted to add my Medium profile to the social media section or change other stuff and didn’t find a way to do in Simple Catch, at least in the Free version.

Note: While switching my theme I learned the best way to have all social media links is to create a widget with their links and use Font Awesome icons to look and feel. This way, you are not limited by how many social media links a theme can support.

The new theme is Anima. It is completely free and gives you the ultimate flexibility to anything you can imagine. Ranging from font colors, size to feature images, etc. The good thing about this theme is I applied zero hacking and custom CSS. Everything I needed I achieved via the theme configuration with least hassle. I highly recommend them and encourage to support those guys by any means. They are really doing a fantastic job. The theme code is also free/open source.

Changing to a new theme was not that easy. Besides searching, downloading, and trying numerous themes for hours, I was concerned about negative its negative impacts on the blog traffic and SEO. At the moment, the traffic is lesser than what usual which is normal. I am closely monitoring for a couple of weeks and hopefully, the blog traffic backs to normal soon.

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