A Little rant on what is going on in the tech world

In the past month, lots of surprises happened in the tech world that resulted in writing this bizarre article. As opposed to most of the blog contents, the current article is about ranting on what is going on in the tech world.

Personally, I consider this post as informative mixed with my strong disapproval feeling infused with some humor towards matters explained below. It is good to mention that I am still overwhelmed by all the oddnesses I saw in the tech world recently, not limited to the past month, September, only.

This raises an interesting open discussion that whether Eternal September of the tech world is arriving (at least for me)?

Facebook React license gimmick

Now that the dust settled let’s talk about it. It is all started by this Medium post that claimed Facebook oddly added a patent clause to their React framework BSD license to restrict anyone using it to go on a dispute with Facebook despite the matter. Later on, it became clear that the patent clause not only applied to React but it was applicable to so-called all Facebook open source projects such as GraphQL, etc.

The entire event created a buzz around the licensing matter and some interesting discussions. It got too serious that some even attempted to leave the platform and create a replacement for React.

However, Facebook finally backed off and decided to go all way open source, yet not free. It is not much of the matter now to rant about it, thanks to people, especially Apache Software Foundation, who revealed such a fishy move by Facebook.

Just for the record, Facebook smartly is still releasing its open source projects under MIT license which is different from the previous one. This means that they can branch off out of them at any time and commercialize them if they feel insecure, or even once they satisfied with gratis contributions.

My personal analysis on the early move of Facebook can be summarized as Facebook gimmick and betrayal to open source world and using the patent clause as a weapon to safeguard themselves against any lawsuit in the future. Still sounds pretty ridiculous and yet I am not a fan of Facebook even after removing the patent.

I am pessimistic because I would assume that if nobody was revealing how Facebook used to license their products and if there was no pressure by the community, Facebook wouldn’t have made a move to remove the funny patent part. Not to forget that the community pressure solely was not enough to force them to adapt to the new licensing. They surely observed/predicted some business risks after in-depth analysis on the matter and then decided to go all the way open source. However, still, they are not free.

To know more about this topic have a look at the following resources:
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When W3C turns to be WC!

It is pretty sad that main tech world players are way too influential on the web standard (W3C). Nowadays, big brothers (Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc.) decide on what is good or what is bad for the Internet and its consumers. For a platform that created with the intention of giving free access to anyone to express their ideas and being able to access to the rich source of information easily and effortlessly.

W3C on 19th September decided to add DRM (EME) as a web standard in a very questionable voting approach without revealing many useful details about it and the process. A decision that has obviously made giant players happy and software freedom fighter sad to the level that they already seek for an alternative to the Internet.

So is having DRM as a web standard is a good thing? Absolutely not, because in nutshell this means you cannot help your neighbor.

Is it an important deal? Most definitely. This reveals W3C is just a puppet controlled by big companies to enforce their restrictions as standards beyond company capacity. For instance, assuming if until now RMS was safe from Google devilish activities by not using any of its products, he won’t be anymore. As adding DRM experience to the web standard demonstrated, big players can influence easily on how the Internet will operate and how free or restricted a user can be. This equals to unlimited control over user’s freedom.
Hence, we shouldn’t be surprised if, in a near future, W3C adds another piece of garbage as a web standard.

To more about this matter and get great overview and clarity of what W3C is going through, I highly recommend to watch following Bryan Lunduke videos:

As well as this especial Bryan Lunduke interview with Richard Stallman (RMS).

Openshift Eulogy

Openshift decided to be a pure jerk after getting many contributions from Openshift community for free.

Openshift V2 death announced earlier, read here, and originally planned to shut down the platform on 30th September but extended to 5th October for whatever reasons. This by itself is not a bad news because Red Hat provided V3 as a replacement platform which at the first glance it looked amazing. Oh, my god container platform + Kubernates am I dreaming?

But with just reading the new platform offer, soon anyone realizes that they don’t provide any 24/7 instance for free anymore. Besides that, the cost of hosting in the new platform is ridiculously high. Red Hat are you insane?

The funnier issues will show up once one start using a limited yet gratis V3 instance. Jobs (whether is deployment, or image building) are crashed quite often and the pods restart frequently for no good reason. Why? Because Openshift behaves with free tiers as second class citizens and if a VM is short in resources, they start slowing down or even interrupting the free instances first.

In my humble opinion despite all the respects for what Red Hat has done for Linux, open source world, they screwed up on Openshift badly.

Linux Foundation April’s fool joke

Well, I have never been a fan of Linux Foundation but it is interesting to highlight that the Executive Director of the company, Mr. Jim Zemlin came in a huge Open Source Summit 2017 stated that “2017 is officially the year of the Linux desktop!” yet he was still using a freaking MacBook Pro to give his presentation.

Is he crazy or something? Or is he hired by Apple as a secret agent to infiltrate to open source community to destroy its reputation? Whatever the answer is, to me he is a clown if he is not a jerk.

The story is quite funny yet very upsetting for open source/free community which I am a stronger supporter. It is like Sundar Pichai comes to a Google conference and talk about how Android is going to dominate market more than apple but personally uses iPhone.

To know more about this rant I highly recommend to watch another Bryan Lunduke:

Reddit || $hitit

Reddit, the masterpiece of Aaron Swartz one of the greatest of all time, decided to become $hitit by close sourcing the site source code, read here.

A reverse move by idiots at the wrong time where even the evilest of the markets Google, Apple, and Facebook are constantly trying to at least advertising their support for open source/free software community by showing some love with releasing some of their products (allegedly partially) open source.

So shame on you Reddit! But <3 for Reddit users.

No title, watch videos and judge

This is just a bonus, just watch videos of this channel and you judge yourself. It is the masterpiece of the tech world!

P.S. I am not like a Google engineer against of having more women in the tech world. I really like to have more women involved in the industry and highly encourage anyone who is interested. Hence, don’t consider my opinion as sexist, I would have had the same opinion regardless of the gender.

Keep the best for last, ThinkPad 25 retro

Lenovo you screwed up badly. The release of retro 25 backfired horribly in a very short period of time.

The ridiculously expensive retro ThinkPad was absolutely unimpressive except its price. A 1080p garbage screen for $1900. No 16:10 aspect ratio for $1900 because they don’t produce it anymore! Are you kidding me?

Besides, no customization on hardware. Am I purchasing from Apple store that there are no options to customize? And worst of all, $1900 for a retro ThinkPad logo, non-chiclet keyboard and a blue Enter key only!!!

Judge yourself and let me know by comparing specs and the price of newly released ThinkPad X270 and retro ThinkPad 25.

It seems Lenovo decided to take all the worst things from Apple, ridiculous price tag, zero customization options. They failed miserably that even was unable to provide a high-resolution screen for $1900, least Apple does. I am not sure why Lenovo didn’t copy some Apple’s innovations. Are decision makers of Lenovo ThinkPad line living in la-la-land? I bet so.

Lenovo basically took the worst of two worlds (Mac, PC) to produce a trash product that is just a shiny piece of garbage that does not even scale up to a pro level with its awful 1080P screen and dual-core processor!

To get in-depth knowledge about on why Lenovo screwed up on retro ThinkPad 25, I highly recommend watching the below video by Louis Rossmann

Also to get some insight on how Lenovo destroyed the classic IBM ThinkPad design watch the following videos by Lious Rosman:

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