Good news! The blog content is fully restored

If you remember my first post of 2017, here, was about partial loss of my blog contents due to hard disk failure in of the server I used to host my blog. Long story short, I lost all 2016 posts, but was lucky enough to have them saved in a raw format in my Google Drive and some could be retrieved from Since then I gradually started to recover/re-add the posts and make the old links workable again to minimally affect the site SEO. However, the process was not very simple, as I had to recapture many pictures and redo things again. Believe me, it was not fun and easy at all.

Finally, after nine months of slow work in progress, finally all the posts recovered. Of course the process took longer than what I anticipated initially. I have to admit I didn’t spend enough time and was quite frustrated with the process. That is the main reason I didn’t post for sometimes in February, May, and June.

Now all the contents are in place, I am quite happy, and there is no reason to fuss about it. However, the main reason of writing this post was to remind myself and others to backup your data to avoid being in catastrophic situations. For me, even though the size of disaster was fairly small took nine months to fully restore the contents which is exactly equal to the time of delivering a baby 🙂

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