4 years on the road, th journey of valuable experience

It is been four years since I published the first post of this blog. Prior to that I was skeptical about the purpose of having a personal blog as well as the nature of content to add. I had inner argument with myself to whether to have a blog or not. The feeling toward no answer was stronger because of a recent failure experience, even though the nature of that work was quite different.
I was unsure until to the level that I didn’t purchase my own domain. I experimentally begun to use .tk instead and that is where geeksweb coming from. Even the look and feel wasn’t like what you see now. It was totally different which discussed on different occasions. Simple and pure HTML, no CSS or JavaScript. I was following Stallman website style, read Design of Geeksweb.tk. In fact, after 4 years I still keep the first version up and running, of course no new content has been added for ages. But it is still accessible via blog.madadipouya.com/old.
The story got more serious when I got a free legitimate .eu.org after long waiting, few months. The domain didn’t have the problem of .tk and was indexing in Google hassle free. So that was the ignition of getting serious with the content I created.
Then in first quarter of 2014 I purchased my own domain name and moved all the content to a more reliable free host, Heliohost which failed in the last year November and caused some significant damage to the content as well as site rank, read the disaster description, Hello from hell.
In many occasions I was considering to abandon the blog but every time I was going back to it for many reasons. Still I am moving forward after four years. Matter of fact since I published the first post, I have been feeling constantly that is my responsibility to make this media up and running so anyone can use the content, if there is any reader ever.

Time passes too fast, not even very fast. It passes super duper too fast. It was just an hour ago that I was celebrating the 200th post of the blog. Those days are gone but the awesome memories are registered in my heart. Memories will never get old.

So I will keep going despite all the difficulties on the way in these days that blogging is nearly dead and replaced with YouTube channels. Not arguing which one is bad and which one is good, just blogs are not popular anymore and are partially replaced by social media and other sorts of media such as podcasts and videos.
So happy 4th birthday geeksweb/blog.madadipouya 😉

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