Happy Nowruz 1396

It is always great to find every possible opportunity to celebrate despite of nationality, religion, etc. Happy moments are great and precious that usually last short but registered for long time in our memories. And in short life of ours put smile on our faces numerous time, whether in that moment or reminding of a sweet happy moment memory
Today is beginning of the spring. 21th of March is consider Persian new year also known as Nowruz.
It is an ancient Persia celebration and I am proud and glad that I am a part of this great culture to celebrate this important event yearly. No matter where and how far from home country. It is registered to my heart and my soul. It is an inseparable part of me and my identity.
Not only me, but it is part of identity 11 countries’ people across the globe with different language, different skin color and so on. It is a part of identity of 187 million people. And I was lucky enough to be one of them, a drop of the ocean.

Happy Nowruz

Anyhow, happy Nowruz everyone.
I am taking this moment to wish peace of mind, heart for everyone in the world. Hopefully this year (1396) the world sees more peaceful days than any other years. Hopefully, all the wars in any location will end. Hopefully, no more kids die because of war and/or because of poverty. And hopefully, all of us become a better person and more useful person for our world.
In case you do not know what is Nowruz have a look at this link:

هر روزتان نوروز نوروزتان پیروز

بر چهره ی گل نسیم نوروز خوش است

بر طرف چمن روی دل افروز خوش است

از دی که گذشت هر چه بگویی خوش نیست

خوش باش ومگو ز دی که امروزخوش است

خیام نیشابوری

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