Hello from hell

Finally, I managed to post after two months (exactly since November 2016) in my blog and I am extremely happy about that but at the same time sad and nervous.

I guess the first question is what happened that I didn’t post for two months.

Well, in a nutshell, disaster happened. As I had mentioned long time back in one of my post (refer here), I host my blog in a free hosting service, called Heliohost. Sadly, in the last two months one of their servers (called Stieve) which had happened my blog hosted there, had/still has some problems which affected the operation of all websites hosted there. And unfortunately, the server hard disk got corrupted and caused some data lost to me. The depth of the problem is kind of huge, because my last database backup done in November 2015 and I have literally lost the entire 2016 data. This is such an unfortunate event and I cannot blame anyone except myself, because I was reluctant to take backup of my data. I don’t put blame or get angry of Heliohost at all, because they tried their best to recover as much data as they could from the damaged hard disk and I got 90% data back properly except the main blog database which was totally gone 🙁

So, here I am, in the first week of 2017 and make my blog great again! 😛

To express how many posts I have lost, I could say, near to 50 posts lost. The good point is that I have all written text of the posts stored in my Google docs and I just have to create 50 posts on my blog again and move them from Google docs. It is not the best but I believe over the course of few months I can gradually recover all the lost posts.

The only thing that sadly I cannot recover at all would be great comments of yours on the posts which gave me encouragement. So sorry for that.

The only good thing I did, I believe, was to publish each of my blog post to WordPress.feed, and luckily all are still available in full content.

As a temporary solution, if you need to any posts from November 2015 until 31 December 2016, please refer to the WordPress site link in below:


Keep in mind that you need to create a WordPress account to access to the content, or if you have one, you must login.

All the site SEO is gone and the blog is not indexed in Google anymore. Prior to the disaster, I used to have 150 on average visits per day and with two months down time, it drops to 0. This is going to take sometimes and I might even never able to reach to that stage anymore.

I have learned my lesson in the expensive way and highly recommend anyone reads this post to do data backup of whatever is important to you before it is going to be too late.

And almost forgot, happy new year, wish the best for everyone 😀

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