Reinstall package manager in FreeBSD 10.X

pkg_info/pkg_create/pkg_add commands have been replaced in FreeBSD version 10.X by pkg. Personally I think the new package manager is quite amazing and way better than the old one. For more details about new features, refer to this link: However, on very rare and unusual occasions pkg might break and … Continue Reading →

How to mount partitions without root access in Ubuntu

Mounting partitions in Ubuntu or any Linux systems is achievable via two approaches. The first way is to mount the partitions from root user which usually the partitions are pointed to /mnt/. This is more or less a classical method with systemwide effect. The second approach which is the topic … Continue Reading →

How to add Spring RestTemplate to Android Studio

As mentioned in a previous post related to Android, Android Studio has lack of documentation for novice users. For instance, one of the lacking area is how to add dependencies to Android Studio projects. Default dependency/build manager in Android Studio is Gradle which personally I am not a big fan, … Continue Reading →

How to download folder from Google drive in Android phones

Nowadays cloud storage is getting more and more popular and people are using cloud vastly for different purposes, to be exact it is cloud and mobile computing era. One of the most popular cloud storage provider is Google, giving away 15 GB free space to each Google account. And certainly … Continue Reading →

How to open formatted markdown files in Linux terminal

Markdown files (.md) are extensively used in Github and other places for various purposes. No doubt that they are getting more and more popular. For instance, Leanpub supports markdown for writing books or better to be said it relies on markdown. Besides that many people use markdown for writing scientific … Continue Reading →

How to write mathematical equations in WordPress

One of the WordPress drawbacks is lack of default support of math formulas. Fortunately, there are few plugins available to facilitate adding LaTeX style equations. Among them, WP QuickLaTeX and Jetpack by plugins seem to work the best. Simply just install one of them and add your equation in … Continue Reading →

How to change command prompt in FreeBSD

By default FreeBSD does not show anything in command prompt such as path, username, hostname except $. For many this can be quite annoying. As an example user does not know the current path and to get that must run pwd which is a redundant step. To have a more … Continue Reading →

Displaying WordPress post content in multiple columns

Two approaches are available to display WordPress posts contents in multi-column, something like this. The first approach is to use a WordPress plugin called Column Shortcodes. It is very good plugin with high flexibilty and ease of use particularly for those who do not have much context about web designing … Continue Reading →