Instapaper Vs Pocket

Around a year ago I wrote a post about Instapaper and described how great it was. Anyhow, shortly after that post I found Pocket and then within short period of time I migrated to it and removed Instapaper. Back then I had an intention to write a blog post to compare the two tools but it has been dragged until now. Anyhow, based on my intensive experience I had with both Instapaper and Pocket, I am quite confident to say Pocket absolutely has upper hand in comparison with Instapaper due to following reasons.

Firstly Pocket is delivered natively with one of the greatest browser, Firefox. Unlike Instapaper that had/s shaky extension which was either not working or working with considerable delay after pressing save button, Paper on Firefox is very responsive and fast. In one word hassle-free.

The second problem which I spotted in Instapaper was lack of proper syncing to different devices. This issue was the most major reason caused me to trade Instapaper with Pocket. Basically, syncing saved items to different devices was very abnormal in Instapaper. Most of times items were not syncing properly and made much headache. For instance, I added few items to the bucket from my laptop and it did sync to my phone but didn’t sync to my tablet at all in any condition. In the phone also when I marked some items as archive I was still able to see the item in my laptop.

Third and least important issue for me was look and feel. I personally found Paper was more easy to use and user friendly. It is very simple and elegant, similar to Evernote from my perspective. Simple, and ready to go, no configuration and confusion due to presence of many options.

In conclusion, I ought to admit that I had such a great time using Instapaper with all its problems. I personally think they have bright future and can be very successful soon.

It is worth to mention that migration from Instapaper to Pocket is so easy based on my past experience. Both systems provide import/export functions. Have a look at this page,

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