How to solve Unity loading problem in Ubuntu 15.10

Unfortunately, sometimes Unity Desktop (including launcher and dash) does not load. This is an existing painful bug in Unity for quite sometimes. Usually the reason for not loading is because Unity plug-in turned off automatically. There are few steps should be taken to resolve the problem. The first thing you … Continue Reading →

How to compress/decompress LZMA/LZMA2 files in Linux

This post is complementary of a three years old post in which explanation about .xz file extension missing. LZMA/LZMA2 compression algorithms usually identifiable by .xz extension. In Linux several tools are available to support .xz files. The most famous one is tar. tar is indeed a multi-purpose tool that supports … Continue Reading →

Low battery indicator in i3

I’ve been working with i3 around 9 months now and so far it is one my favorite WM so far. It is easy to use, elegant, hackerish and geeky. However, there was a problem for long time which was bugging me and that was lack of warning dialog for low … Continue Reading →

How to resolve error 1175 in MySQL Workbench

MySQL Workbench is a useful visualization tool for database architects, which provides similar features to PostgreSQL pgAdmin. Even though, that I am not a big fan of MySQL (I am a Postgres zombie 😉 ) , I cannot escape from it since it is widely used anywhere in any project. … Continue Reading →

How to manage multiple Openshift accounts using rhc

Openshift is one of the best PaaS from my point of view. In comparison with Heroku, Openshift I believe has upper hand and much superiority, particularly in CLI tool, ssh facility, and most importantly huge numbers of offered frameworks. Therefore, it totally makes sense to have different account for different … Continue Reading →

How to create Debian package for Python script

Since I have touched Linux, I was wondering how to create binary packages (DEB and RPM), but, I have never had a chance to study about binary packages and how package managers handle them. Until, few months ago that I decided to create a Python script or to be precise … Continue Reading →

Instapaper Vs Pocket

Around a year ago I wrote a post about Instapaper and described how great it was. Anyhow, shortly after that post I found Pocket and then within short period of time I migrated to it and removed Instapaper. Back then I had an intention to write a blog post to … Continue Reading →

How to get rid of getter, setter in Java

One of the boring stuff to do in programming is to add getter, setter methods. Thanks to IDEs nowadays with few clicks or pressing shortcut keys you are able to add getters and setters to code. However, still much of coding space is wasted and besides that from my point … Continue Reading →