Happy Earth day and yet shocking surprise

Yesterday (2016-04-22) was Earth day and in respect to that Google has changed its logo, click here. Though I was not sure about the reason of calling 22nd April as Earth day. It motivated me to had a quick search to find about “Earth day” and looked at Wikipedia. But I didn’t find much about its historical reason of selecting this day it just seems previously Earth day was on 20 March which is equal to beginning of spring. More information can be find in Earth day website.

Anyhow, the intention of this post is to demonstrate the importance of our planet and environment surrounding. Sadly with the advancement of technology and science, not only environmental issues had not addressed, but also problems have become more severe. As an instance, many species are in danger or almost extinct, besides that global warming is getting worse and worse. This demonstrates that not only animals but also existence of human is in danger in the near future. I think we have to appreciate how our planet is valuable and unique in the way of hosting life as we have not discovered any near possible planet to host life like Earth.

I want to mention that just celebrating Earth day, liking/following WWF Facebook/Twitter page, sad comments on Facebook posts, ReTweeting/sharing or even writing this post are not sufficient enough to resolve the problems Earth facing. All of us have to take responsibility and initiative to try our best to avoid further destruction of our planet and recover it before it is going to be too late.

No wonder, a company in UK exports fresh air bags to a country like China which suffers from severe air pollution.

News link :


At the end, in order to notice how our planet and existence of animals are in danger I recommend you to have look at the below links :

List of animal in danger :


Global warming news :



PS : While, I was considering about Earth on the Earth day and writing up this post, I have faced a shocking surprise, I looked out of my window and sadly saw the extreme level of air pollution in the area I am living. Look at the picture, it is all due to burning jungles for farming, causes loss of animal habitats as well as haze that makes for us difficult to breath 🙁

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