How to download a vBulletin forum contents using Wget

Wget is the most powerful download manager which gives you tons of switches ranging from recursive, spider for various purposes. Though, from my point of view, Wget is slightly legacy/outdated which sometimes you need to use it with other tools to maximize its facilities. Enough background about Wget, now let’s … Continue Reading →

Happy Earth day and yet shocking surprise

Yesterday (2016-04-22) was Earth day and in respect to that Google has changed its logo, click here. Though I was not sure about the reason of calling 22nd April as Earth day. It motivated me to had a quick search to find about “Earth day” and looked at Wikipedia. But … Continue Reading →

How to connect Github repository to Twitter

Undoubtedly Github is the most popular distributed web-based revision control system. Beside of being able to use nearly all Git facilities, it comes with extra easy to use functions that might not be easy to access in other platforms like Bitbucket. One of my favorite Github facilities is Webhooks & … Continue Reading →

Git commands part-3

Previously I wrote two posts about Git commands which first one was the basics and second one intermediate level. This post covers upper intermediate level about Git commands with focus areas on branching and merging. If you still have not gone through the previous posts, I highly recommend to look … Continue Reading →