Happy 3rd birthday Geeksweb

Very well, today is the 3rd birthday of this blog (blog.madadipouya.com aka Geeksweb). As the owner and creator of this blog I am very happy as well as having sense of achievement. During last 3 years I have managed to keep this blog updated even irregularly particularly when I had hard times. I have both good and bad memories but mostly good. In many occasions, writing a post helped me to forget about my bad moments and changed my mood.

Let me gave a brief history about this blog. In 2013 March after I have finished my second semesters in Masters I felt that I had more free time and since the other site that I contributed was shut down, I decided to have my own blog to post about Linux and programming.

That time I tried to make the blog up and running as fast as I could. Since I was familiar with WordPress I designed the site with it. I spent lots of time on choosing theme and designing the blog – around 2 weeks – but whenever I tried to upload it to a remote host it failed (you know how free hosting services quality), all of my hardworking for around month reached nowhere and during that period many times I wanted to drop having a blog. Finally, when I was so frustrated and about to give up, I decided to design the blog with pure HTML 4 so I could host it anywhere (that time I was not familiar with Bootstrap, Github.io, etc.). Beside being easy to upload and not worry about hosting, I was obsessed with Mr. Richard Matthew Stallman website and his philosophies about free software. So, I tried to follow his ideas and himself as well in any possible ways and for that having a HTML4 blog seemed appropriate in 2013 for me at least. In regard that I wrote a post about why I choose such a design, click here to read. I had also switched to pure terminal environment to follow my mentor (RMS), it is obvious from my early posts. Anyhow, I managed to start the blog with HTML4 on a free domain (Geeksweb.tk). After few months when I realized Google indexed .tk with very low rank, I found eu.org free domain and registered a domain there which the process took around two months but finally got it. In the meantime (Mon Apr 22 2013) I had also switched my blog to WordPress and finally in 2014 I bought my own domain (madadipouya.com) for my personal page and the blog. In addition to that during 3 years I have made some changes to how the blog does it look.

A fun fact is I still keep the original HTML4 based version of the blog and you can access it via http://blog.madadipouya.com/old/ link (all links are workable). Additionally, if you are interested to know how early version of the blog on WordPress looked like I recommend you to have a look at this page (the internet archive page).

Another interesting point is that in the last three years I wanted to write a post about the blog birthday but every year I had faced some obstacles such as being busy, on trip and so on. This year despite the fact of being extremely busy and tired that I can’t even open my eyes, I forced myself to write something and to do that I set Google calendar notification (alarm) on my phone every hour. I am happy that I finally made it.

Lesson learned, “Keep calm and never get disappointed or give up, be consistent and diligent”.

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