Happy 3rd birthday Geeksweb

Very well, today is the 3rd birthday of this blog (blog.madadipouya.com aka Geeksweb). As the owner and creator of this blog I am very happy as well as having sense of achievement. During last 3 years I have managed to keep this blog updated even irregularly particularly when I had … Continue Reading →

IntelliJ IDEA shortcuts for Eclipse users

Introduction IntelliJ IDEA IDEs are very popular among developers, especially Java folks. In addition to that, they support multiple languages such as Java, Scala, C/C++, Python, etc. I have recently switched from Eclipse to IntelliJ for Java development. At first, I had very difficult time to give up Eclipse convenient … Continue Reading →

Renaming files in Linux terminal in batch

Few days ago I have encountered a problem whereby I had to rename 10,000 files and remove a prefix (_BK). There are two approaches to handle such a problem, Rename files manually from GUI. Using a small bash script to do the job. Here, I talk about second approach as … Continue Reading →