How to update youtube-dl in Ubuntu

Youtube-dl by far is the greatest tool to download Youtube videos, not to mention majority of Youtube downloader applications make use of it as their core engine. Youtube-dl is available in official Ubuntu repository. You simply can install it. However, there is a problem with the official repository. The package … Continue Reading →

Getting started with Tmux

Tmux stands for terminal multiplexer. It is basically a great tool to divide one terminal to many different virtual terminals which gives capabilities to do tasks such as system administration in parallel. This is particularly useful when you connect to a remote server. Tmux allows you to detach and attach … Continue Reading →

How to increase max connection size of Postgresql in Ubuntu

If you are accessing to Postgresql database using programming language, sometimes, you may get exception such as fatal sorry too many clients already or more precisely the following exception in Java. The reason for such an error is due to the fact that your program perhaps made too many connection … Continue Reading →

Happy Chinese new year 2016

As a person who lives in a south Asian country, it is easy to realize that Chinese new year has an especial meaning even in comparison with Christian new year for majority of Asian. Those who celebrate this event at now perhaps are with their families, having good time. Or … Continue Reading →