New year 2016 and Debian

Very well, today is the first day of 2016 and I am quite happy about the fact that I believe 2016 would be a better year than 2015 in any aspects especially technology wise.

Though, on the other hand I am little bit upset because Free Software and Open Source communities just have lost one the greatest contributor of all times named “Ian Murdock” who was a father and creator of Debian. For your information Debian stands for Deborah and Ian which apparently Deborah was Ian girlfriend on that time and later his wife which they have divorced in 2007. Rest in peace Ian Murdock, forever #Debian. All my condolences to Ian Murdock family.

I personally had great sweet memories of using Debian, especially Lenny which I used it over 4 years period its end of life cycle in 2012. Although, I continued using Wheezy and Jessie, I was more attached with Lenny since I used the others for quite short period of time.

Anyhow, I wish the best for everyone in the new year and don’t forget your new year resolutions. Stick to them, I have a list also which I might post one day soon.

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