How to increase insert performance of Amazon AWS Redshift using JDBC

Redshift is one of the greatest Amazon AWS services which is suitable for Big data, BI and analytics purposes. Though, it is sometimes difficult to adapt yourself due to some limitations it has in comparison to even its parent Postgres. If you manage to get used to it, you will … Continue Reading →

Java JDBC connection pool using Tomcat JDBC Connection Pool

Creating database connection is resource intensive and it is very crucial to have a connection pool mechanism to reduce system overload, especially when you aim to do many interaction with database. Most of enterprise frameworks such as EJB, Hibernate have connection pool automatically by default and you just need to … Continue Reading →

Postgres useful features

Previously I wrote some posts about Postgres such as basic commands, trigger, replications, etc. In this post I will go one more level more and start playing with config files, logs and other stuff. The first thing that I would like to demonstrate is postgres log file. Basically live postgres … Continue Reading →

SSH access with private and public key

Using SSH access with password is so risky and most probably your server will be compromised in a day or two by brute force attack. The best approach to handle this issue is setting up key pairs and disable password access to server. To do so you need to do … Continue Reading →

New year 2016 and Debian

Very well, today is the first day of 2016 and I am quite happy about the fact that I believe 2016 would be a better year than 2015 in any aspects especially technology wise. Though, on the other hand I am little bit upset because Free Software and Open Source … Continue Reading →