How to create Ubuntu indicator with Python

For a long period of time, I wanted to make a simple Ubuntu unity indicator just to learn how they work. Finally in Christmas holidays I got a chance to search on the internet and came up with a simple idea of having a weather indicator. The result was great … Continue Reading →

Difference between abstract and interface in Java

One of the most repetitive programming interview question is “what’s the difference between abstract and interface classes?”. To answer this question I have had search the internet to come with a complete answers in bullet points. I tried to cover as much as I can. Below is the end result … Continue Reading →

i3 wm config file

Around a month ago while I was surfing the internet I became familiar with i3 window manager. It had first impression on me. Immediately, I have installed on my fresh Ubuntu 15.10. Fortunately, it is available in the official repository and therefore, my headache was minimized. I like i3 because … Continue Reading →