Few hints about Apache Ant

Apache Ant is one of the most awesome automation tools, even though it is not as good as Maven. If nowadays I want to select an automation tool for a new project definitely I got with Maven, but before it existence Ant was rolling. Recently, I had to work with … Continue Reading →

My Story of Linux man page writing

Man pages are essential parts of Linux platform. Existence of the man pages started with Unix and then it moved to Linux. They are especially useful to get some quick information about commands and tools to getting things started. I have been always curious about how to write a man … Continue Reading →

How to add show desktop shortcut for KDE

KDE is an amazing desktop environment and is one of my favorite after Unity and Cinnamon desktop environments. The biggest advantage of KDE is that it is totally customizable which is one of its downside as well. For me as an average Joe, I am not concerned about aesthetic respects … Continue Reading →

Getting started with Android programming for programmers

Android programming is quite amazing and nice. While I am learning how to create mobile app, I am recording the useful things and findings in an Evernote page so later on I can complete and share with others. What I have learnt was quite useful and the note is almost … Continue Reading →

Installing Teamviewer on OpenSUSE 42.1 Leap

Since last weekend I am working with openSUSE Leap and so far I have had a good experience. It is working perfectly, no glitch, freeze or funny bug. The only unresolved issue is the WiFi connection which I have not had time to go through and found a solution. As … Continue Reading →

Getting started with OpenSuse 42.1 Leap for Ubuntu users

OpenSUSE is one the oldest Linux distribution around. For more than 2 years I was using OpenSUSE and I can say after Mandrake my second distro was Open SUSE and I like it so much due to its stability before I switched to Debian. One 4th Nov, 2015, SUSE team … Continue Reading →