How to create RESTful web service in Spring

Spring provides many facilities to Java developers which ease the programming as well as reducing the complexity of the code. One of the most powerful features Spring supports is called invasion of control or dependency inject. In addition to that, throughout the years Spring framework has had tremendous growth and … Continue Reading →

Object-relational mapping in Java

Object-relational mapping (ORM) is a technique which allows programmers to access a relational database from an object-oriented language and programmers do not need to map and type cast each column of database to classes manually. In other word, ORM technique take care of populating the result sets. In Java there … Continue Reading →

Installing Virtualbox guest additions on Debian Jessie

I have a light version pure console Debian Jessie running on my Virtualbox which has no gui and it is completely terminal. Few days ago, I wanted to enable share folder capability for it but faced some problems and after spending quite sometimes I had found the solution, so I … Continue Reading →

How to make Openshift free instance away from idling

Free Openshift account has a condition which is called idling. In this case if your application won’t have any http request, the tier automatically will go to standby mode. However, if a request comes, the tier will be powered up automatically and response to the request with few seconds of … Continue Reading →

How to create Telegram bot with PHP and host in HeroKu

Nowadays, Telegram is one of the most popular messengers. The reason that the app is so popular is because of three reasons, The application is open source It is cross platform supports and works out of the box Bot support Among the reasons, I believe the third one is so … Continue Reading →