Transaction in JDBC

Java JDBC is a very simple and basic library to access to database data, but it is quite common and easy to setup that is why it is kind of popular. However, it has various shortages such as Object-relational mapping (ORM) and Transaction Management. The latter though can be done … Continue Reading →

How to install Composer in Ubuntu

Composer is a dependency manager tool for PHP programming language which is quite useful for PHP programmers and make the coding process easier. Compose more or less likes Maven that manage dependencies automatically. Installation process of compose is quite easy and will not take more than 5 minutes to set … Continue Reading →

The correct place of bracket in programming

Basically, the location of bracket ({}) in programming is a very old argument and up to now there is no absolute winner. For those that my words look like an alien language let me provide an example. In programming languages like C/C++, Java and so on bracket ({}) are used widely. … Continue Reading →

How to add Gson library to Android Studio project

Google Android Studio from my point of view is the most suitable IDE for native Android programming. It is simply works out of the box. However, during working with this IDE, I have faced the shortage of documentation. Unfortunately, majorities of tutorials have been written for Eclipse IDE and since … Continue Reading →

How to convert nested Json string to Java object using Gson library

Json is everywhere in back end programming, from various webservices, databases and so on.  Gson library is the one the most available libraries for Java which makes the conversion of Json string to Java object hussle free and very easy. What do you all need to do is to download … Continue Reading →

200th post of the blog

This is 200th post of my blog. I am pretty excited about celebration of this achievement because I have managed to continue updating the blog in 2.5 years despite of lots of issues I have faces. This is a prove to myself that shows it is possible to maintain and … Continue Reading →

Instapaper, a savior app

For a long time I was seeking for an application/tool or whatsoever to be able to save the webpages cleanly and be able to read it in my laptop(s) and/or mobile devices flawlessly, offline and in sync. However, my attempt in the first place had been ended by saving the … Continue Reading →

How to install WindowBuilder in Eclipse

Eclipse is my favorite IDE for coding especially for Java programming, even though it might be slower than other IDEs or has high RAM usage. Eclipse has different versions for different programming languages (C/C++, PHP, JavaScript, etc.). For long time, I was using Netbeans to develop Swing applications because it … Continue Reading →

Colorizing output of Git

Apart from various IDEs (including Eclipse) which provide you great Git features visually, accessing Git from command line also can be a new experience which is very useful and from my perspective is a must for any developer that pushes the code in Git (Github, BitBucket, etc.). Git in terminal … Continue Reading →