Creativity, innovation and knowledge sharing with Linux

It is been around two months that my Linux laptop screen has been broken and due to financial constraints I am unable at the moment to change the screen. Hence, I am using my secondary laptop which sadly runs on Windows 8.1 (after many attempts, failed to install Linux) and at the moment I don’t have access to Linux environment except in Virtual box which is quite slow and unresponsive.

Overall, during these times I have been suffering because I don’t have access to my lovely Bash Terminal and cannot do programming properly also in Windows (personal problem with Windows). In addition to that, I have observed that, my geekiness and eagerness to learn has been dropped and I am not as curious as before because so far there is not much in Windows to learn for me and no feeling to learn as well.

As a result, what I have seen is that I again less knowledge, less productive and no creativity and/or innovation at all. It is quite disappointing and feeling that I am isolated and jailed. I am not able to express my feeling properly but in any meaning I am not happy with Windows. After 10 years using Linux and 4 years non-stop using now moving backward is scary and makes me lazy.

What I mean from this post is, freedom gives you productivity, motivation and many other things which moves human societies forward and causes each and every of us to be more productive and happier with ourselves and our life by cooperating with each other, sharing and caring.

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