Database trigger in PostgreSQL

Triggers in DB provides a facility to set triggers on certain tables for performing events (insert, delete, update) in another table. For instance, I want if any entry added to table A, consequentially a new row will be added to table B with some information that comes from table A. … Continue Reading →

Creativity, innovation and knowledge sharing with Linux

It is been around two months that my Linux laptop screen has been broken and due to financial constraints I am unable at the moment to change the screen. Hence, I am using my secondary laptop which sadly runs on Windows 8.1 (after many attempts, failed to install Linux) and … Continue Reading →

Install Curl for PHP in Ubuntu

If you get similar error message like “Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init()”, means that your Curl lib/module is not installed for PHP. Fortunately, in Ubuntu installing Curl for PHP just requires two commands and it can be done so easily with the help of apt-get package installation. The … Continue Reading →

How to print PHP error in browsers

By default if your PHP code has some errors, it just shows white dead page which is so confusing and for me personally so annoying. By contrast of languages such as Java which you can easily check about any compile or runtime error, in PHP this task is not so … Continue Reading →