First make sure then accuse

This post is somehow general speaking about accusation, however, in many real world cases I have seen it also implies to software engineering (developing) and working ethics in any company.

Accusation is not a simple thing which I believe some people do not take it seriously. Many times, I have been witnessed that some people accused some person who was basically innocent. Additionally, I have had experienced of been accused as well in different occasions. However, I do not try to put blame on people or accuse them simply like drinking a glass of water and play with their emotion or put their creditability underline.

All I am saying is so simple, first make sure and do some investigation and then raise concern and point finger of accusation. However, this doesn’t mean that people should be gullible, act naively and don’t concern about cunning tricks some people utilize. Just little investigation is enough to give you confident that a particular person, group or whatsoever is guilty or not.

Now, let me relate this topic to working environment and ethics. Many times, I have seen certain group of people accuse/blame their colleagues because of their faults or whatever that went wrong. Those people from my point of view are sick and should consult with a physiological doctor because not only in working place they bother others, but also in the private life, they disturb and bother their close friends, family members or anybody who interacts with them.

But, this article is for those who are not aware of their problem and sometimes do blame people unintentionally. They just simply do it because they are not aware or sometimes laziness. I give an example to better understanding, even though it is such an odd example.

Assume in software development, one developer accuses another programmer, that his/her code causes a bug in another portion of program (that accuser is working on it) without investigation or going through the issue deeply. Or in another case, a tester might not have enough knowledge and just passes back the issue to the programmer even though it is correct.

These sorts of problems are  troublesome for any company and despite its simplicity to resolve, it has high negative impact due to wastage of time. In the above example, if any blamed people waste 1 hour to investigate and justify and defend themselves, at the end of the day this amount of wasting time is very considerable. Hence, my suggestion to anybody out there is first spend few minutes and identify the root cause of any problems and then raise concern and start accusing people. Because, first, it is waste of time and second of all, it causes to form the habit of accusation inside of you and also encouraging others to do the same thing, which it is resulted in being irresponsible, unaccountable, unreliable that nobody trusts.

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