First make sure then accuse

This post is somehow general speaking about accusation, however, in many real world cases I have seen it also implies to software engineering (developing) and working ethics in any company. Accusation is not a simple thing which I believe some people do not take it seriously. Many times, I have … Continue Reading →

Social network content management systems

In the last few years, developing a new social network was a very cool idea, however, I believe nowadays developing such a system might be quite silly if there is no justification or innovation behind it. For instance, back to 2004, when Mark Zuckerberg started building Facebook, his idea was … Continue Reading →

Awesome Linux command line

To be honest with you, I like command line so much, even before I became familiar with Linux, I used to use DOS command prompt extensively, which in comparison with Linux command line is nothing. After, I had experienced Linux for the first time, I have fascinated how it is … Continue Reading →

How to host your website on Openshift

Openshift is quite amazing and I strongly can say, it is much better than its competitor such as Google App Engine or Heroku in providing services. With Openshift you not only able to do your testing and deploy your applications, but also you can host your website there very easily. … Continue Reading →

Auto submit url to internet wayback machine

In the previous post I have explained about internet wayback machine and the use of it. As I have mentioned there, internet wayback machine doesn’t provide any APIs to submit URLs automatically and base on the timely period to be archived. But there is a workaround to overcome this drawback … Continue Reading →

Internet wayback machine

The internet wayback machine is the website [] which you can refer to get copies of websites in different period of times if it is available. For instance, you can get see the main page of Yahoo! from 2002 onwards. For me it is very interesting because it brings me … Continue Reading →

Quick Laravel 5 installation guide

There are many guideline for setting up Laravel in your localhost and majority of them are quite good. However, I have realized the are not very complete and some are very confusing. Hence, I have decided to write a simple and short guideline on how to setup Laravel 5 quickly … Continue Reading →