Do not buy Dell laptops

It is been long time that I want to write a post regarding Dell laptops but didn’t have time to do that. But finally I totally disappointed from Dell products and decided to write this post about Dell crappy products. I had owned a Dell Studio 1557 [aka garbage] and this laptop started causing me many issues since first few weeks. The first one was awful overheating issue which caused me to change its heat sink in the first six months. The auto shutdown problem resolved but it still had overheating problem, for instance while watching a video on Youtube CPU and GPU temperature would rise up to 70+ which reduced battery life and tremendously unpleasurable heat if you want to having it on your lap.

Anyway, if I ignore this one another issue is DVD-ROM didn’t eject the dvd I inserted and I was unable to eject the dvd for over 6 months until it automatically ejected it.

Third issue related to crappy AMD/ATI graphic card. Dell 1557 shipped with 4570 ATI graphic card which is not supported in Linux anymore and also it has overheating issue.  Therefore, powerful core i7 is worth nothing because can’t run new Linux on this laptop and if you attempt to do it you see your GPU will be burned soon because temperature will rise to 100 degree without proprietary AMD driver which is not available for latest Linux version as it is consider legacy GPU card. However, the problem of overheating is not only related to stupid ATI card, it is more related on ignorant design of the laptop and location of heatsink.

Due to mentioned fact the fan should run all the time which caused tons of issues. Firstly, reduced battery life to around 1 hour which is funny. Second, caused overheating problem and you can’t put laptop on your lap even for a minute or two. Third, caused fan to run all the time with highest speed that resulted in changing heatsink in my case. Forth and worst, GPU failure.

Yes that is right my GPU card failed and I spent huge amount of money to repair, after repair time came to keyboard failure and when I changed that one within two days screen screwed up automatically.

Lastly, I have calculated that I spent money equals to buy a new laptop on this crap Dell laptop, hence, I throw it to garbage at the end of the day and decided to boycott Dell forever.

And for me it doesn’t matter anymore Dell Laptops ship with Ubuntu or any Linux preinstalled or having awesome Linux support because I AM NOT GONNA BUY DELL LAPTOP ANYMORE. Worse if they give me for free straightaway I throw it to garbage because I don’t wanna waste my time on crappy products and everyday go to repair shop to fix different places.

It doesn’t matter how awesome Dell support is when the laptop fails in less than 3 months that means disaster because I also didn’t buy cheap laptop in the first place.

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