Getting started with Font Awesome

To be honest, I am not good at web designing or more precisely I am awful at it. I also follow old school concepts in designing web interface which is a very poor practice. For instance, I don’t use CSS and instead I use font tag. However, recently, I have … Continue Reading →

The best Linux distribution for VirtualBox

It has been a while that I have to use Linux in VirtualBox because my new laptop doesn’t support Linux and all of my attempts to install Linux on it failed which is quite disappointing. However, the most disappointing thing that I faced was the lack of a good Linux … Continue Reading →

Rest in peace Mandriva

Many novice Linux users might not hear about Mandriva, but for old folks this name is very familiar. Mandriva was one the best Linux distribution back in 2000 to 2005 and for me it was the first Linux distro that I had started getting familiar with Linux world and honestly … Continue Reading →

Starting with Laravel 5

Laravel is the most amazing PHP framework and according to this link, it is also most favorite PHP framework. It provides many facilities such as db migration, easy to manage, routing, sessions, built in libraries and many other things which makes task of web application development better and can say … Continue Reading →

Grammar checker and corrector

For a long time I was looking for an application to check my grammar and punctuation since to improve the quality of my writing and have an error free essay or blog post. Finally, after a few hours searching and trying various sorts of grammar checker I have found a … Continue Reading →

How to create software agreement license quickly

Although I am the big fan of open source and free software, I believe software agreement between customers and software vendor is necessary in order to increase awareness of customer right. In addition to that software agreement and license can be used to demonstrate the constraints and consequences of using … Continue Reading →

Testing Postgres connection with PHP in Ubuntu

PHP is very powerful programming language to write different web application and that is the one of the most important reason I choose to learn it alongside with Python. However, database connection is getting troublesome in PHP specially for new programmers like me even though PHP is quite straightforward and … Continue Reading →

Do not buy Dell laptops

It is been long time that I want to write a post regarding Dell laptops but didn’t have time to do that. But finally I totally disappointed from Dell products and decided to write this post about Dell crappy products. I had owned a Dell Studio 1557 [aka garbage] and … Continue Reading →

Install Ubuntu 14.04.2 properly as guest OS in VirtualBox

This post starts with few complains. First don’t buy Dell laptop at all no matter what is the specification and how cheap it is, you can read more about my complaint in this post. Secondly, Ubuntu did a great job with version LTS 14.04, however it makes life tremendously difficult … Continue Reading →

Database design PKID vs GUID

This is an old school debate, actually some people believe GUID is better some have opposite idea. However, each has its own pros and cons which I have listed as much as I could, PKID advantages Easy to remember Incremental and therefore query speed is faster Causes less fragmentation in … Continue Reading →

Basic postgresql commands

PostgreSQL (AKA postgres) is the one of the well-known relational database. It is pretty capable of doing everything such as storing JSON object, DB replication and so on. Beside that it is also open source software. In this post I demonstrate some basic commands of  postgresql for beginners. The first … Continue Reading →

Instantiate a class by name stores in String

For beginners like me that are not very familiar with object oriented concepts, it might be impossible to imagine that Java has a capability to instantiate a class by its name stored in a string variable. However, this is totally possible in Java or even in other programming languages with … Continue Reading →