Few words about Goodreads

From my perspective Goodreads is book lovers social network. At first for me it did not make sense the purpose of having such a social network and I was thinking what is the use of having a website that user cannot download the book and it is just simple introduction which anyway can be obtained from Amazon. Even though, I had Goodreads account up to recently I have never checked it. Randomly, around a week ago I opened it and found I had already account there! Then searched for one book that I was reading it and after that I don’t know what happened that I have felt, the website is a very useful place to give motivation to read a book and finish it up. To be honest, I read many books but barely I will finish them and mostly in the first few pages or chapters I will lose my motivation and feel boring. However, after finding Goodreads I have found, it might be the right tool to motivate me when it has a feature that I can show how many books I have read and provide some feedback as well as sharing with others.

Many people might not believe it but when I see the books I have already read and added in the my Goodreads shelf, I will feel happy and more motivated to read more books.

Lastly, to double my motivation to read each book that I pick up until the last page, I have add Goodreads widget to my blog to show which book I am currently reading and how many pages I have finished.

Overall, I guess it is worth to try it since you do not lose anything.

You can find out more about Goodreads at this link [Wikipedia]

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