PostgreSQL database replication

In PostgreSQL 9.1 and later database replication feature is provided built in. This feature allows you to have high up time and very low risk of data lose. It is also useful for data mirroring and have high usage for load balancing (For example, very useful in designing banking system). … Continue Reading →

Installing packages in Cygwin

For those who don’t know what is Cygwin, I can simply define it as Linux command line or emulator for Windows. It provides the powerful Linux facilities on a lousy OS which is quite useful specifically for the time that I cannot install Linux on a machine with Windows OS … Continue Reading →

Removing header search box in Simple Catch theme

Simple Catch theme is used in my WordPress blog for three years and I am quite happy with that. It is very handy and easy to maintain, beside I don’t change and manipulate the theme and look of the blog often. When I setup my blog for the first time, … Continue Reading →

Multithreading example in Java

In the previous post I discussed about multithreading concepts and provided a case study to understand the principles better. In this post the solution of the case study is given with detailed explanation about it. As mentioned, the first thing that program should do is to categorize mails, this is … Continue Reading →

Basic of Multithreading programming

Multithreading is one the most interesting topics in computer computer science and programming. Of course it is also difficult and cumbersome for programmers even professional ones. Doing multithreading programming requires some prior knowledge regarding the thread and process. This post dedicates to Java multithreading programming and I tried as much … Continue Reading →

List of computer and hacking related movies

I love whatever related to computers and technology and even though I am not a big fan of movies, I cannot avoid watching movies and/or documentaries regarding computer world. For certain period of time I was constantly searching the internet for finding any computer movies, either hollywood and unrealistic or … Continue Reading →

Few words about Goodreads

From my perspective Goodreads is book lovers social network. At first for me it did not make sense the purpose of having such a social network and I was thinking what is the use of having a website that user cannot download the book and it is just simple introduction … Continue Reading →

Finding similarity percentage between Strings

In the field of text mining, one of the useful tools is to find the similarity percentage between two words for clustering or other purposes. Actually, I am not so familiar with text mining but it sounds quite interesting topic and I would like to do more study to find … Continue Reading →