Bill Gates is still balling in 2015

Yet, Bill Gates is richest man in the planet and he is still balling in 2015 with 79.3 billion USD even though he is retired.

Although, I am against of Microsoft policy and proprietary software, I strongly believe that for those people that want to be successful, Bill Gates is the great role model at least in the era that everybody wants to be so called artist and earn huge amount of money and fame effortlessly and finally see themselves superior than others without even being talented at all.

To understand my point just take a look at one of few hundreds/thousands TV shows and you see for instance, totally talentless people with too much self-confident come and waste people times.This is the fact that people want everything easy and without effort.

The interesting fact is Bill Gates at least has a great attitude in terms of not seeing himself upper than others and super genius or so arrogant. Matter of fact, he also showed his sense of humanity with donating portion of his money to fight against poverty.

Now, just compare him with some beloved artists (best example rappers) and you realize those people even they do not have X percent of Gates wealth but act in a way as they own the world and every day bunch of scandals of them broadcast on the internet. Don’t get me wrong, I love artists and as I said in about page, I am big fan of Music and artistic work but I am against of crappy attitude and too much self-confident which is totally idiotic and crazy. And as a tech guy the world shouldn’t underestimate the geeks and/or nerds and think they are bunch of antisocial fat guys that eat pizza in their dark rooms.

To conclude what I end up my post with this sentence,

“No matter you are poor or rich, just be yourself and do not act like an idiot”

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